fort campbell adventures: freeze pleeze icecream parlor

Dairy and I haven’t had such a good relationship since I finished my Whole 30 last week. My beloved Starbucks skinny vanilla latte has started to cause backflips in my stomach. So when I heard a new icecream shop opened in Clarksville, I wasn’t all that excited until I found out they had coconut milk! What? Yes. First we got a Whole Foods style grocery store called Tree of Life, then a grain-free, soy-free, dairy-free bakery called Nerdy Birdy Cookie Company and now an icecream shop that has not only coconut milk but almond as well? Yes, please Clarksville. You’re growing on me.

I’d heard great things so a friend and I went to check it out Sunday and were not disappointed. Look at this happy, friendly staff.
FreezePleeze2Freeze Pleeze makes everything from scratch. You choose a dairy, coconut or almond base, then sweetener and flavoring. You can choose from suggestions like rose pistachio or Rocky Road or stick to vanilla or plain fruit. They freeze it with liquid nitrogen as you watch. This is the magic happening:
Freeze Pleeze Clarksville, TNMy friend got Rocky Road and gave it a thumbs up.
Freeze Pleeze Clarksville, TNAnd I got vanilla coconut milk with pineapple.
Freeze Pleeze Clarksville, TNHighly recommend.

Freeze Pleeze is located in the Two Rivers Shopping Plaza in between Hooters and Bargain Hunt/Harbor Freight. Check them out Tuesday or Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Fridays from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Saturdays from Noon to 11 p.m. and Sundays from Noon to 8 p.m. at 700 N. Riverside Drive, Clarksville.

whole 30 wrapup

So if I’ve been MIA lately it’s because I’ve spent every waking moment thinking about food.
Why is that any different than usual, you ask?
Well, I just finished my third Whole 30. The second full one really since I failed a second attempt in January. Since starting a desk job, traveling and too many trips to Nashville I’ve put on more than 10 pounds since November. Chinese, I love you, but you don’t love me.
Whole 30As of Wednesday, I made it through 30 days of eating whole, unprocessed food. No legumes, dairy, soy or bread. No Sex With Your Pants On (SWYPO) foods like paleo pancakes/bread/muffins etc. and lots of black coffee (kind of gross).

It’s been a week since I’ve been officially done with my Whole 30.
The verdict?
SW: 153.2
CW: 141.6
Total pounds lost: 11.6

It’s amazing what eating real food can do for you.

My pants fit again so I celebrated with a shopping spree during Back to School Tax-free Shopping Weekend (even though I have no kiddos I still love a good sale) and a trip to a local grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free bakery in town called Nerdy Birdy Cookie Company. It was delish and worth the 30-day wait. Yesterday, I went to the county fair with a friend and tasted lots of terrible things so I still feel kind of terrible but tomorrow is another day.

Now that I’ve had the cheat day I’m ready for another 30.

Have you ever done a Whole 30?


fitbloggin 2014 recap

FitBlogginSavannah welcomed me with open arms last week and then I almost pooped my pants (Nathan AKA you’re in for a treat).
Maybe I should explain?
Last week I hopped in a car with three new blogger friends and made the eight-hour drive to Savannah for FitBloggin 2014. I loved everything about Savannah. People described it as a cleaner New Orleans (never been) but it seemed like a slightly bigger (and dirtier) St. Augustine to me. Still lovely.
FitBloggin3Our first stop was a ghost tour of Savannah’s historic downtown. Our tour guide (Brett maybe?) was a blast.
FitBloggin9From left: Kia’s husband, Melissa, Alyssa, not sure, me and Kia. Behind my head is a delightfully Brit who had a hysterical Ignite speech about tea.
I had a great weekend full of workouts…
Fitbloggin8 Credit WeBeatFatPhoto Credit: FitBloggin1FitBloggin2And social time with lots of wonderful bloggers.
IMG_98055281978392Photo Credit:
I ran with Team Chocolate Milk and the legendary Jeff Galloway!
Fitbloggin Credit We Beat Fat AngelaPhoto Credit:
FitBloggin5 FitBloggin6 FitBloggin7 It was a great time…
And then it came time for the food.
Always my favorite part. I made a reservation days in advance for the legendary Olde Pink House but couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to because of an earlier coffee chat session with Angela and Stacey. I think I’m the only one that got milk from behind the counter and it must have been bad because when I attempted to go to another session shortly after…I had to leave halfway to avoid becoming The Girl Who Shit Her Pants at Fitbloggin.
Sorry, TheChicLife. It really wasn’t you it was me.
But I made the best of it. After a couple hours in bed I was still able to make my late night reservation at the Olde Pink House. Stuck to something small to avoid further stomach upsets but the atmosphere of the place (complete with a tableside serenade) was worth the visit. FitBloggin4Drunks photobombed us.
I did miss out on a cupcake from Sweet Carolina Cupcakes and I’m pretty bummed about that but it only means I have to go back to Savannah to get it another time. Later I was tagged in a picture of a group enjoying red velvet cupcakes. Knife to the heart. FitBloggin10 That only means I have to visit Savannah again.
Until next time The Hostess City.
It’s been real.

P.S. WordPress is being glitchy and lot letting me add links. Anyone know how to fix it?