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Beach Beast 5K Obstacle Course

WOD: Beach Beast 5K Obstacle Course (29:48)

Drove to St. Petersburg today to do the Beach Beast 5K Obstacle Course.

Thanks to Caroline Calcote at My Fascinating Life I have some awesome pictures before getting the pro pics I paid for! I didn’t know what to expect today and didn’t want to risk ruining my camera so I left it at home and paid the $25 like a sucker.

Before: Team Yelp

I met Caroline atĀ  the CFL bloggers conference and jumped at the opportunity for a free entry. I’d never done an obstacle course and while it could have been better organized I wasn’t disappointed.

After: Sweaty and tired but I got a shiny medal!

Now I’m dead tired. I forgot how painful beach running is and I’m sureĀ  I’ll pay for it in the morning.

Ever run on the beach? Do you have a secret strategy for beach running: shoes, pace or running in general?


Sweet! By Good Golly Miss Holly

WOD: 6 mile run (1:05, 10:50 pace)

I haven’t run this distance in awhile so I wasn’t expecting anything great. A 1:05 was so much better than I expected. I’m ecstatic.

Took the day off from Jillian again and will start Level 2 on Monday.

To make up for the disappointing cupcake run yesterday I went to Sweet! for the first time in months. If heaven has baked goods I bet they come from here.

OMG so delicious. I got a high hat which is chocolate cake with buttercream icing and then a chocolate candy coating (like that Turtle shell you used for ice cream as a kid). I’ve gotten the larger size and loved it but felt sick from all the sugar. The minis satisfy the craving without the sugar coma and on Mondays they’re $1. Bonus.

I haven’t had one of these in two months. In fact, the cupcake at work yesterday was the first I’d had since eating paleo for an entire month. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn in to a downward full-on sugar craving spiral.

After going to Sweet! we went to the dollar store and found knockoff Louis Vuitton handbags for $45…at the dollar store.

Apparently you can get knockoff handbags in dollar stores in Orlando. Who would have thought? They also had Tiffany charm bracelets, Michael Kors and Coach purses, cologne, perfume (apparently my $90 bottle of Chance can be purchased for $20) and one Tory Burch bag. The quality wasn’t anything like my beloved Speedy but if you don’t care about keeping the bag for long I guess this is a good price.

Who knew you could find these outside of Chinatown or somebody’s trunk in Miami?

Personally I feel like buying authentic means you have a company that stands by its products. If anything goes wrong they’re usually quick to fix it without a problem.

Have you ever been to Sweet!? What’s your stance on the counterfeit/name brand debate?

Favor Bakery

WOD: Rest Day

Had the day off from running so decided to take a couple off from Jillian too.

I mentioned cupcakes and my coworker had the genius idea to go for a cupcake run in downtown Winter Haven.

Favor Bakery
Winter Haven, FL

I got an Oreo cupcake and it didn’t even make it in the office for five minutes.

Oreo cupcake

Favor Bakery was just OK. It seemed like they are more of a special event cake bakery so I don’t think the cupcakes were as fresh as they could be. My coworker said their custom cakes are amazing but cupcakes aren’t their first priority.

The Oreo in my Oreo cupcake was limp from sitting in the refrigerated case and the cake wasn’t moist enough. Still, it was just chocolatey enough to hit the spot and much better than grocery store cake so I devoured it instantly.

Headed straight home after work, scarfed dinner and headed to Halloween Horror Nights.

My favorite part of the event was this car set up outside of the Walking Dead house.

“Sophia. Stay here. We’ll come every day.”

I vowed never to return after that awful Bloody Mary/Chucky year but this year wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t terrified so we bought a pass that lets us in for the first three weeks.

We’ll be back.

Have you ever been to Halloween Horror Nights? What’d you think?