Buzz Like a Bee

WOD: 30 Day Shred Day 9 and 3 mile run (32:24, 10:48 pace)

A little closer to goal times tonight. A 10:48 pace is disappointing for me for that distance because I know I’ve run it faster. This is the first week of marathon training and I didn’t prepare as well as I should have prepared. I’ve only been running once a week because of all the awesome classes at the gym. With so many choices, the easy way out of exercise is always a group class IMHO.

Today’s time just shows I need to work harder since I didn’t have Rico slowing me down.

I did swing back to pick him up for another trip to the dog park though.

Happiness. I can’t wait until we have a yard big enough for him to run free like this normally.

Last night I competed in a spelling bee fundraiser for READ Polk. They’re a wonderful organization that promotes adult literacy. I placed third after spelling “tachometer” wrong because I know nothing about cars.

Before the bee. I spelled tachometer without the h. Silly me.

When I was 11 I misspelled “zephyr” in the seventh grade spelling bee that determined who would go on to the county competition. I’ll never misspell either word again.

Anyone ever been in a spelling bee before? Did you win?

2 thoughts on “Buzz Like a Bee

  1. Thomas

    Man, I wouldn’t have known Tachometer either. The RAs at my college tend to organize a spelling bee once a year, and the last time I lost it was to “eleemosynary”, which for some reason they didn’t make the other finalist spell. (Blatant favoritism, I tell you! They also weren’t hiding the fact that they were giving me the tougher words.) It’s okay, though, as I’ve won the last two handily, getting more Panera and Billabong gift cards than I’ve even managed to spend yet.

    Er. Not to brag. You have a nice edge on me when it comes to 3-mile time, though.

    1. M

      I actually think I got really lucky. People were getting crazy words I’d never heard of. At least I knew what a tachometer was! I can’t say the same for probably half of the other words.

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