Favor Bakery

WOD: Rest Day

Had the day off from running so decided to take a couple off from Jillian too.

I mentioned cupcakes and my coworker had the genius idea to go for a cupcake run in downtown Winter Haven.

Favor Bakery
Winter Haven, FL

I got an Oreo cupcake and it didn’t even make it in the office for five minutes.

Oreo cupcake

Favor Bakery was just OK. It seemed like they are more of a special event cake bakery so I don’t think the cupcakes were as fresh as they could be. My coworker said their custom cakes are amazing but cupcakes aren’t their first priority.

The Oreo in my Oreo cupcake was limp from sitting in the refrigerated case and the cake wasn’t moist enough. Still, it was just chocolatey enough to hit the spot and much better than grocery store cake so I devoured it instantly.

Headed straight home after work, scarfed dinner and headed to Halloween Horror Nights.

My favorite part of the event was this car set up outside of the Walking Dead house.

“Sophia. Stay here. We’ll come every day.”

I vowed never to return after that awful Bloody Mary/Chucky year but this year wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t terrified so we bought a pass that lets us in for the first three weeks.

We’ll be back.

Have you ever been to Halloween Horror Nights? What’d you think?