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Poop and other Running Issues

WOD: 3 mile run (29:29, 9:49 pace)

Mile 1 10:18

Mile 2 9:38

Mile 3 9: 33

Miles 2 and 3 felt way faster than Mile 1 mostly because I really wanted to get showered, to the bathroom and in bed. Not necessarily in that order.

Today I want to talk about all the gross things I wish people had told me before I started running.

Yes, running gives you endorphins. It keeps you healthy, gives you energy and is all around good for you.

What people don’t tell you is that it also makes you poop your pants.

Everybody poops.


You ache like a 90 year old and sometimes your toenails to fall off or grow on top of each other. Oh, and occasionally your nipples get chapped and bleed. Sexy, right?

On any given day I’m probably dealing with at least one of these runner’s issues. Everything hurts so massages are a must. I make sure there’s a bathroom somewhere along the way so I don’t have to go Number 2 in the bushes. I considered myself a “real” runner after my first toenail fell off while training for the Wine and Dine while in Atlanta and I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t keep all my toenails while running. However, I’ve noticed that I can minimize two of these issues by drinking more water and wearing the right clothing.

For some reason, I didn’t take my own advice on Saturday. I didn’t drink enough water and had to sprint to a bathroom and wore the cheap Wal-mart sports bra I usually reserve for low impact sports. True story: No one likes scabby nipples.

For anyone with more than a handful this LululemonĀ  bra is my absolute favorite.

Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer II $58

I have two but could do with a few more.They’re pricey but worth every penny once you start to increase your distance. Trust me, the ta tas will thank you even though you may have to marry rich to afford a drawer of these.

Do you have any secrets to preventing runners trots? What about any other running issues?

Sexy Prez

WOD: Rest Day but about 4 hours standing

There is no denying this election is an important one, but this isn’t a political blog and I’m not a political person.

With that said, I headed out early today to go see Obama at a rally at the University of Central Florida. We braved hours in the 50 degree freak Florida weather (cold, for us Floridians!) to see the Prez.

J got there around 4:30 a.m. to save me a spot in line and I strolled in at 7 with sustenance.

It was a venti kind of morning.


Sadly, Obama canceled and headed back to D.C. right around the time I was arriving. Apparently the Secret Service up and left, traffic on the main toll road in Orlando was backed up for an hour and there were a bunch of unhappy people who had camped out overnight.

I was bummed but I was also super excited to see someone else anyway…

I was 15 feet away from Bill Clinton!

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) opened for Clinton with former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.

Clinton spoke for about half an hour to an enthusiastic crowd of students and Central Florida residents. Not gonna lie. The conversations around me made me miss college a little bit. Being a big kid is hard!

All of the stump speeches given today just rehashed the soundbites we’ve been hearing throughout the entire campaign, but being in front of someone so powerful was damn impressive.

So close but not close enough. :(

In reference to healthy living: Clinton’s healthy schools campaign is something other politicians should strive for. I love meat too much to agree with a vegan diet but healthy kids are the building blocks to a healthier America and an end to the obesity epidemic. The habits have to start at home because it’s a lot harder to learn them later on in life. I speak from experience.

Michelle Obama’s fight against childhood obesity is something that makes me want to be her BFF. Friendship necklaces and all. I almost died when she was on The Biggest Loser last season and wish I could vote for her for president. No matter what side of the fence you’re on there is no denying the good these two have done for the world. I didn’t get Barack but I got Sexy Bill today and that’s OK by me.

Side note: Wanda Sykes did a bit on Friday about how Michelle hates fat kids and makes her daughters invite them over to exercise on the White House’s treadmill carpet. I think I died laughing. It was absolutely hysterical.

No political debates please (I voted on Saturday anyway) but what do you think about Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign? Is it enough? Should we be doing more? How can she be more awesome? And please, if anyone can tell me how to get those arms…please share.

Central Florida Escapades

Thrill the World Dance Practice and Record Attempt
10.49 miles (1:50:08, 10:29 pace)

I had the best weekend and can’t wait until the next one because it’s going to beĀ  just as awesome. With the cool “fall” weather we’ve been having I’m loving my long runs.

Saturday I got all zombie-fied for Thrill the World 2012. I tried but I kind of looked like I’d just slept in my makeup after coming home from a Halloween party and I’m angry enough to eat you. True story whenever I go too long between meals.

This is my angry, zombie face.

LA Fitness Spin Instructor Tim Powell got me into Thrill the World. He made a pretty awesome Michael.

I’m pretty proud of the dance moves I was able to teach myself in about two hours. I fumbled a few times and wasn’t even as close to being as good as the girl in the blue shirt/black leather pants in the front row but I’m OK with that. There’s always next year, right?

Went home and washed my face and headed over to Bahama Breeze for dinner. While we waited for a table we stopped in Toys “R” Us. I don’t think I’ve ever been inside of one but J is a little kid at heart and really wanted to check out the Hot Wheels.

Toys “R” Us was awesome. Did you know they still make Furbys?

Sunday was long run time. I came in at an average 10:29 pace after running a little extra because of the beautiful, 70 degree weather.

My 10 mile time came in at exactly 1:45:00…a 10:30 pace exactly. That’s almost a full minute faster than my only half marathon pace (11:23) at the Disney Wine and Dine Half 2011. Progress!

Because coffee makes everything better.

In an attempt at full-disclosure…I did stop halfway through for a coffee break. It made all the difference in the world. At the halfway point I was somewhere at 55 minutes and slowing because my phone lost the Internet connection. No Internet connection=no Pandora=sad Mrs. Cupcake. The second five miles only took me 50. Mmm…caramel macchiatto. So delicious.

After the run, J and I made ourselves presentable and headed over to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival to meetup with some friends. One of the good things about living in Central Florida is that most of the time someone you know works at Disney and can get you free or reduced admission to the parks. Thanks Larry for being awesome! We had a great time sampling a little bit of everything.

The start of a food coma and before J tricked me into going on Mission Space. I think these were lamb chops. Look how happy we are. Lamb makes everyone happy.

J’s college roommate and his beautiful girlfriend.

Group shot. Full, happy bellies.

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to walk a theme park after running 10 miles. I started to have flashbacks of the Wine and Dine 2011 when all I wanted to do was go home and sleep and everyone wanted to keep walking and eating. Good company and good food made up for the sore foot so I can’t say I regret the decision-maybe just the decision to wear flats.

An ice bath made it all better and put a very cold end on my great weekend. Here’s looking forward to the next one. :)