Weekend Roundup: Masks, Crab, Tweetup and Yoga

1 mile warmup (10:00)
5 minute spin class

7 mile run (1:18:41, 11:14 pace)
1 hour of yoga

You know those days when you’re running and everything feels good? You feel like you can go for miles and miles. A steady pace feels easy breezy? Yeah. Sunday wasn’t one of those days.

I almost turned around and went back home at the one mile mark but J was having one of those days so I sucked it up and kept on running for the full seven. Horrible long run, but I did have a great weekend!

Friday night we drove down to Miami for a masquerade ball.

Sister Cupcake and I

Saturday we went out to lunch with the fam. Uh-mazing. The end of summer and the start of fa-winter in Florida means one thing to me besides boot weather…crab season.

Billy’s is one of my favorite restaurants back home. It’s this cute but pricey seafood restaurant across from Hollywood Beach on the intercoastal. They’re only open in season (October through April) so summertime makes me sad. We went for lunch and got to sit in one of their gliders. They’re always full so I was really excited.

Stuffed, we drove back up to Orlando to go to CRAVE restaurants Tweetup. I was so excited to go to this but ended up missing out on most of the good stuff. Still kind of full so it wasn’t a big loss. CRAVE restaurant is kind of a modern/contemporary/Asian fusion place. They had potstickers, flatbreads but most importantly of all was the table that greeted us when we walked in.

Best dinner plate ever.


And since the cupcake induced sugar coma was enough…

A perfect end to the night.

After a disappointing 7-mile run Sunday morning I hopped in the shower to get ready for yoga at the Amway Center (where the Orlando Magic play).

Yoga on a professional basketball court. Pretty awesome.

Yoga on a basketball court is probably up there with one of the more interesting things I’ve ever done. I’m not a hardcore yogi (this was only my second public class ever) but I didn’t find it too difficult. They did end up the practice with Crow Pose.


Yeah, not going to happen.

So that’s what I did. I’m a little sore today but not dying. It’s a nice change.

Did you all do anything fun this weekend? Send me your pictures doing the crane pose if you’re awesome like that. I’ll put them up.