how to: easy cheap grown woman’s tutu

I’m headed to St. Pete tomorrow to do The Color Run and I’m pretty friggin’ excited.

I know it’s going to make for a great time and some pretty cool pictures. With that in mind  I wanted to have a fantastic costume. I’ve always wanted to be one of the cool kids that wears tutus at big races but alas they don’t make tutus in grown women sizes.

I searched Etsy and they’re sold there for around $30. Too dang pricey for me.

The ones I found at the store are made for little girls and only fit one of my legs. Oh, runner problems.

So I Googled and found a tutorial from Shrinking Jeans.

Thanks Google. You’re awesome.


Suggested Materials

  • 10-12 yards of tulle (I bought 12 for $1.49 a yard and had about two yards left over) $10.74 after 50 percent off Jo-Ann Fabrics coupon
  • 1/4 inch elastic measured around your waist plus a few inches (I bought one yard) .49
  • scissors (already had)
  • ribbon for decorating (didn’t use so I’m returning)

Grand total with tax: $11.96


Step 1 Gather all your materials in one spot. Cut your tulle (this is probably the worst part as tulle was invented by the devil) into 6 to 8 inch wide strips. I kept my strips the length of the cardboard thing the tulle comes on and that worked fine.




Step 2 Tie the measured elastic around a chair and work with it there to make the process easier.


Step 3 Fold the strips of tulle in half and loop under the elastic upside down. Pull through. Tighten. And repeat about a gazillion times. Once I got into the groove this whole project took about an hour and a half.

Drink coffee. Preferably in a Santa mug.





Step 4 You can finish the ends by adding decorative ribbon as the ties, using safety pins or just tying them together and calling it a day. I did the last option because this will be trashed tomorrow anyway.

I also didn’t worry too much about getting my loops 100 percent straight or tight.


Step 5 Marvel at how amazingly cheap and easy that was while cursing whoever invented tulle because it’s so hard to work with. Boo tulle. Yay for tutus!

5 thoughts on “how to: easy cheap grown woman’s tutu

    1. M

      Yay! It didn’t take too long at all and all the color actually washed out completely in the machine. I tossed it in there thinking worst case scenario it would shred and I’d throw it in the trash. Some of the pieces aren’t as fluffy but it will work for another run.

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    1. ritacambest Post author

      Glad to hear it! It really is the easiest tutorial I’ve ever seen one you get the hang of it.

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