The Color Run St. Pete Recap

WOD: 3.1 miles (about 30 minutes)

Saturday morning J and I got up super duper early to make the drive from Orlando to The Color Run in St. Petersburg. I’ve been looking forward to this for more than a month so once my alarm clock went off I was ready to GO GO GO!


We left with what I thought would be enough time to pick up my packet before 8 a.m. but there were 10,000 other people with the same idea. Not exaggerating. Traffic was absolutely insane. We finally got to park about 45 min. later.


I wasn’t really prepared for a crowd this size so I was just a tad overwhelmed. So many people in white and so many tutus! Apparently I wasn’t the only one with that idea. :(

Packet pickup took another hour so for anyone running this in the future I’d definitely suggest picking up before race day.

20121215_084904 color2

Once I was all checked in I headed to the starting crowd. They had us all leave in huge groups every five minutes or so.

Before I knew what was happening we were ready to go!

20121215_105459 This definitely wasn’t a “race” for the record books but definitely a fun “run”. An overwhelming amount of non-runners participated and it pretty clear that this was just about having a good time.

I’m talking walkers (of the undead kind), strollers, babies, small children and grandmas in wheelchairs. I tried to run most of the way but was stuck in a bottleneck of walkers quite a few times along the course.

No worries it was still a ton of fun.

Each kilometer was supposed to have a different color zone but I only counted four zones.

First up was pink (too short IMHO) then blue, orange and yellow.

Raffi from Running Betty was one of the volunteers. I love this picture of her!




Desktop1After the run there was an after-party with some pretty awesome music. I went into the color-cloud once but couldn’t breathe so J and I watched from the sidelines.

I think I’m getting old.


Even a furbaby got in on the colorful action.


Chevy was handing out water bottles and hosting picture ops. I got a hot pink water bottle to match my pink and orange stained shirt.

I had such a great time and can’t wait to do another color event in the future!

Want to join me?

Color Me Rad, another color-filled 5K, is coming to Miami on Feb. 2. I’ll have two FREE entries to giveaway to YOU soon so stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “The Color Run St. Pete Recap

  1. Jessica

    Hi there girlie long time no see. Love the blog and post. Wish I would have known you would be at St. Pete would could have had a meetup!

    1. M

      I tried!
      I was stuck in traffic when some people were meeting at the Christmas tree and then in the super long line for packet pickup. I’m doing Dirty Girl in February
      How about you?

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