above the barre

WORKOUT- 1 hour barre method class
Saturday morning I headed on over to St. Pete for a blogger barre method class at Above the Barre Fitness in St. Petersburg.



I wish these lovely ladies lived in Orlando because I want them to be my BFFs. Creepy? Kind of? Oh wells.

The class was intense. Like way more than I expected.

I know I sweat a lot already but I kept having to wipe the moisture off of my face after what seemed like a series of itty bitty easy peasy exercises. Boy, was I wrong.





I couldn’t hold a lot of the poses but I definitely felt like I got a good workout in when we finished. This awesome chick even said her heart rate monitor said she burned about 600 calories!!

After class we went to Rollin’ Oats, a local market and cafe, for lunch and I got myself a delicious curried chicken salad sandwich (need to attempt to replicate ASAP!).



I’ve never tried a barre class before and it was so much harder than I expected it to be. I’m not very flexible or “strong” and this was all the class was all about. When we were done with the barre we did all kinds of planking and I got my untimed plank-a-day challenge done about 10x over.

I plan on checking out Barre 54 in Winter Park soon because 1. It’s not two hours away and 2. I pass it every time I go to Dexter’s. It’s about time I make it a point to actually attend a class, right?

If you’re in the Tampa Bay area I highly recommend Above the Barre. You’re in for a really great core/leg/strength workout.

Above The Barre Fitness is located at 3326 MLK Street North St. Petersburg, FL 33704.