5k foam fest recap

Saturday morning I drove to St. Cloud for my first 5K Foam Fest.
I’ve been looking forward to this race for weeks and Im happy to say that it was just as much fun as I thought it would be.

5K Foam Fest is a 5K (obviously) obstacle course race/fun mud run.
It’s untimed so it’s not really a race in the typical sense and all shapes, ages and fitness levels participate. Three miles is probably about what you walk at Disney World so fun runs are really for everyone since you can walk them if you need to (which plenty of people were doing).

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I only had two qualms about this race. One- this was billed as Orlando but actually in the middle of nowhere in St. Cloud an hour away from me. You know you’re in the middle of nowhere when the closest Starbucks is more than 45 miles away. Two-the shower setup was pretty ridiculous. For the amount of people here there needed to be a better setup. There were some sprinklers that worked on and off but I just rinsed my feet off and changed in the Porta-Potties. Kind of gross.
The “Death Drop” more than made up for these little inconveniences and I did genuinely have a ton of fun.

5kfoam19 5kfoam20 5kfoam21 5kfoam22 5kfoam23 5kfoam24 5kfoam25 5kfoamfinish
Besides, I forgot all about my sticky legs when I took the first bite of my lobstah grilled cheese from the Ubergood food truck. One of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Huge chunks of lobster meat and delicious, sweet onions caramelized in wine. Can’t wait to check these guys out at a food truck roundup.

Have you ever done 5K Foam Fest?

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