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Tuesday afternoon I drove over to Winter Park to check out barre54.

20130305_114520It’s in a super cute walkup that almost reminded me of Brooklyn. Almost.

I’ve been passing this place for a year but haven’t stopped in because Winter Park is SO FAR. I usually only make it over here every other week and almost always at nighttime. Their new Dr. Phillips location is even farther from me so I guess I just can’t win.

From their site:

“barre54’s techniques are rooted in the Lotte Burke Method, which was developed in the 50s by its namesake, a German dancer who used precise movements with correct body alignment to strengthen her injured back after a car accident. For decades, various spinoff concepts have enjoyed a devoted following by professional models, dancers, actors, trendsetters and celebrities, including Madonna, Kelly Ripa and Elle MacPherson. In recent years, barre classes have surged in popularity as they are discovered by pilates and yoga enthusiasts, as well as joint-weary consumers seeking an effective alternative to high-impact workouts.”

The drop-in rate is $23 a class but I used a promo code on a card I got at Lululemon (7013, one use per person). There are also lots of specials and packages that bring the cost down.

I walked into a bright, airy, clean facility and checked in quickly.

I was a crazy 20 minutes early (Who am I?!) so I had plenty of time to look around and settle in before we started.

It was kind of nice. Maybe I’ll make this a habit?

Anyway, after setting my stuff in a cubby I was instructed to grab a mat, a set of weights (I grabbed 2 lbs. and it was plenty), an orange ball, red bands and a cloth strap.20130305_11495320130305_115234 20130305_115240About 5 to 10 minutes before the official class start time about 10 other women walked in so I didn’t feel like such a creeper.

Our instructor, Kelsey, led us through an intense series of micro-movements that got everything burning in all of the right places. We followed a similar routine to what I did at Above the Barre in St. Pete but there were a lot more exercises. First arms, then the booty, legs and we finished up with core and some good stretching.

Maybe I was still feeling Monday’s WOD but my quads were burning! I’m not flexible at all and it showed but I can see how with practice (like with yoga or pilates) these classes would increase flexibility.

I’ve been trying to do yoga or pilates as cross-training once a week but this will definitely be something I can incorporate in place of those. I just wish they were closer!

barre54 has two locations. In Orlando at 7988 Via Dellagio Way, Suite 206, Orlando, FL 32819 (above Zou Zou) and in Winter Park at 444 West New England Ave., Suite 101, Winter Park, FL 32789 (Hannibal Square East near Dexter’s). Classes are 54 minutes long.

Have you ever tried a barre method class?


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  1. Courtney

    Thank you for this review! Just signed up for their classes – hope they’re as good as they sound!

    1. ritacambest Post author

      Have fun! I wish I still lived in the area. Prepare to feel the burn but not the sweat lol.

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