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the movers are here


The move to our FDS has started. Somehow we need to get all of this into our car for the two day drive to Fort Campbell. Haven’t started that just yet. Right now the movers are finishing up packing everything in boxes and will soon start loading the truck. Then I guess we’re sleeping on the floor for the night and we’ll be off tomorrow.
I’m excited for the move, more so now that the stress of scheduling movers is gone.
The hardest part of this move so far has been not knowing when, who or how our stuff was going to be picked up.
It’s kind of crazy how disorganized it’s been. From not being able to receive hard copy orders because J would “get them when he got them” to not knowing if someone would be picking up our things or we’d be moving them ourselves, I’m definitely ready for it to be over.
On to the road trip next.


After graduation last Friday, we said our goodbyes to my family and J and I headed up to Atlanta for the weekend with his parents. We had a quick dinner at The Real Chow Baby in Midtown after checking in to the Doubletree near Emory. Then it was bedtime because the next morning we were heading to the Georgia Aquarium. I love it there. The Georgia Aquarium is the world’s largest and it’s got really impressive tanks and all kinds of neat things to look at. We first went into a room that you go through on a moving walkway under a tunnel of fish. This big one was having a staring contest.atlanta1The aquarium also has a football field sized tank made by Home Depot. One of the rooms has a full wall of fish. They keep it dark and it looks awesome. Whale sharks and manta rays swim right by.atlanta2 atlanta3 atlanta4 atlanta5 atlanta6I love the penguins. They’re my favorite. Instead of boring you to death with words though, here are some more pictures. We did World of Coke next. atlanta7These next few pictures make it look like I went on vacation by myself but I promise J was with me. Someone had to hold the camera, right?

I got to hold an Olympic torch which is pretty freaking cool. It's much heavier than it looks. At least they only have to run a mile.

I got to hold an Olympic torch which is pretty freaking cool. It’s much heavier than it looks. At least they only have to run a mile.

atlanta9 atlanta10 atlanta11 atlanta12For our final day in Atlanta we did the CNN tour and ate lunch at Rosebud in VaHi before taking separate flights home. We took a booked AirTran flight home and it was eh. We didn’t pay for bags (awesome) and got to take the military lane through security (double awesome) but AirTran isn’t my favorite airline.atlanta14
I did get to see my second husband in the gift shop though so I guess that made it OK.

My husband. JK.

My husband. JK.

This was the one “touristy” thing I’ve yet to do and it was different. From a journo perspective it’s interesting to see the behind the scenes of broadcast, although I still don’t consider what the anchors are doing to be “real” news. Local TV news and man on the street interviews? Yes. Teleprompters feeding stories reported by other people. Not so much.atlanta15We’ll be back in Atlanta on Sunday to drive through on our way to Fort Campbell. I’ve got my eyes on a cupcake from The Atlanta Cupcake Factory. They were closed when we tried to go on Monday.

See you soon, Atlanta.

fort benning graduation

(Planned for later today)
3 rounds for time
800m run
30 box jumps
12 deadlifts

It will be nice to get back to the box. I’m going to stop in and pay the $10 drop-in rate since my membership has expired and I only have a few days left until we move.
I’m looking forward to feeling the burn tomorrow but let’s get back to graduation!grad1We started off with the band. Graduation started at 9 but we got there at 7:30, 30 minutes before they let us into the bleachers to find seats. We ended up right in the middle but almost at the top. No big deal. I actually preferred the view.
There was a 60 percent chance of rain in the morning so there was some confusion the night before as to whether or not the soldiers needed to wear ACUs or dress uniforms. I got a call around 10 asking me to bring them by but to our surprise (and pleasure) the rain held up just until we were done taking pictures.grad2The soldiers entered through a mock battlefield. There was colored smoke. I’m not sure what that was about but it looked pretty cool.grad3They explained what all of the job descriptions and weapons. Apparently all the graduates thought this part was super lame but it was my favorite.grad4grad5grad6A Company (right) and D Company (left) graduated together.
About an hour later, after some inspirational speeches, moments of silence and recognizing the veterans in the audience we got to take our soldier home.grad7grad8grad9grad10grad11grad12We went to the transportation office to try and set up our move (they’re coming tomorrow eek!) and then went back to the National Infantry Museum. It was really nice inside so I recommend it but I was too hungry to be all that interested. We had lunch at 2:30 at the Fife & Drum Restaurant and Bar inside the museum. OK and convenient. Nothing to write home about.
I’m so happy to be home but just a little stressed about the move.

Up next: our weekend in Atlanta.