last day of the belly blast challenge

Zumba (60 min.)
Bootcamp (60 min.)
Bootcamp (60 min.)

Happy Friday!
I shared this on Facebook but I can’t resist sharing it again. It’s that good.
seenoiseIf you follow me on Facebook like you totally should you know I’ve been sick this week. I don’t get sick that often (credit to healthy eating and exercise FTW) so when I do I’m a big ass baby.
I wish DH was home to medicate me but since he’s not I took care of myself and spent most of Wednesday and Thursday in bed drugged up on NyQuil.
That stuff is awesome.
I probably shouldn’t have worked out on Wednesday. Usually I can pull through but I felt miserable afterwards and was of no use to anyone.
Thursday was a planned rest day anyway so I took full advantage of that. I peeled myself out of bed and made myself look semi-presentable to take my cousin to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner around 7 p.m.
This morning I went to my last session of the 21-day Belly Blast Challenge as part of the Forte Fitness boot camp.
forte0412What a last day! This workout was intense.
I’ve lost two pounds and broken through a plateau so I’m happy with the results. Could I have done better had I followed the meal plan to a T?
But I would have been a miserable B (capitalized for effect) the entire time so I chose not to and I’m OK with that.
Final results?
I’m down 2 pounds and lost 1 percent body fat without gaining any inches. For three weeks of work? I’ll take it.
Tomorrow I’m running the Color Me Rad 5K here in Orlando (finally!).

Are you running in any races this weekend? Tell me about them.

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