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air assault graduation

After 10 days of stinky boots, Army gear piled in the front hallway and more disgustingly sweaty clothes than I could ever imagine, J graduated from Air Assault school today!20130723_100732airassault1
Air Assault is a 10-day course that teaches air assault techniques, load operations and rappelling from a helicopter. Out of the 174 soldiers that started his class, 104 graduated today. J left around 2 this morning for the final part of the course, a 12-mile ruck march to be completed in under three hours. airassault2
Needless to say he’s exhausted now so we’re home relaxing on the couch. I told him to take an ice bath and use the foam roller but he’s not having any of my “crazy runner shenanigans”. I’m sure he’ll pay for that tomorrow so I’ll get to say “I told you so.”

six flags st. louis

One of the best things about Army life so far has been the ability to travel. It blows my mind how easy it is to hop in a car and cross state lines. I mean, I know it isn’t restricted or anything but growing up in South Florida we took planes everywhere because it took forever just to get to Georgia.
Airfare was cheap(er) living in the Sunshine State and I hate driving. I never paid more than $200 for a plane ticket in my life living in the tourist capital of the country and it will be $400 per person to fly out of Nashville to see my sister for her birthday. That’s bananas.
I’m flying instead of driving the 15 hours because I hate driving we don’t have the time but so far we’ve taken day or weekend trips to Nashville, Memphis and St. Louis and driven through Kentucky and Illinois. Kind of cool.
After rainy Fourth of July celebrations we drove up to Six Flags to take advantage of their military promotion (active duty were free), It’s not a drive I would normally do as a day trip but J insisted.arch

stlouis1 stlouis3stlouis4stlouis5stlouis6
The fireworks made the night a little better and I had good company so there’s that but after rude front gate workers, some mishaps with the rides and this I probably won’t be back to a Six Flags establishment ever. I’ll stick to Universal and Disney. We know how to do it right back home.