trot for the troops 10k recap

Official chip time: 59:55
CardioTrainer distance: 6.27 miles

Instead of doing my long run at the Greenway on Saturday I decided to do it at the YMCA in Hopkinsville with 1,000 friends. Just kidding. I ran the 10K alone because J doesn’t believe in paying to run but I made him he volunteered to be my photographer for the day.IMG_1368

Mile 1 9:32
Mile 2 9:39
Mile 3 9:10
Mile 4 9:35
Mile 5 9:53
Mile 6 9:40

I’m not winning any awards with those splits but I’m pretty damn proud of them. One of my fastest six mile times yet and a 10K PR!20130914_080538IMG_1372Apparently I run with my eyes closed.
I stopped to tie my shoe at some point and took a few pictures of barns and cornfields. Pretty much the entire course.20130914_085913 20130914_085135I’m not sure what happened around Mile 3. I think I got an extra jolt of energy from seeing the 5Kers make the turnaround. We all went along the same route up until the 1.5 mile mark. IMG_1376IMG_1381 59:21. I still can’t get over that time or the fact that I managed to keep a sub-10 pace for so long. If it wasn’t for Mile 5 (mile of death) I think I would have been able to be at a 58-something instead of barely squeaking by the sub-hour mark but that’s OK with me. A PR is a PR.IMG_1386It was 49 degrees when I woke up in the morning and 52 to 55 at race start. I obviously then had some problems with wardrobe choice being the native Floridian that I am. The jacket came off before I started because I knew it’d be annoying but those pants made my legs sweat after Mile 2 or 3. Still trying to figure out this cold weather running deal.

Any tips? What do you all do to stay warm but not overheat while running in the cold?

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