raja hot yoga

3 miles (28:20, 9:26 pace)

My 3 mile training run went pretty awesome today. I don’t know if it’s the weather or the new training schedule but my times are getting back to what they used to be and I love it.
Yesterday I checked out a hot yoga class for the first time at Raja Hot Yoga in Clarksville.20130918_115448Now, I’ve said it in the past time and time again but yoga is kind of mind-numbingly boring to the runner in me. Up, down, stretch, turn, repeat. Over and over. I usually find myself counting down the minutes until I can get out of the class and do something that’s “really” active.
This was kind of different.
When I walked in with a friend we were quickly greeted by the instructor. She made us feel welcome, ran us through what we’d need to do to get checked in and took our payment.
With mats, water bottles and towels in hand we made our way into the hot room.20130918_115327No cell phones or cameras were allowed so I don’t have any pictures inside.
I’m not going to lie the entire time I was still counting down until the class was over.
It was crazy hot. Like 106 degrees hot. Like Oh My God It’s So F***ing Hot in Here hot. That’s pretty much what kept running through my head the entire time but it did make the class go faster. After an hour of stretching and posing we layed down to end the session, closed our eyes and an icy cold, lemon-scented towel was placed on our wrists.
It was incredibly relaxing. I felt great afterwards like I always do after yoga but OhEmGee was it hot.

Raja Hot Yoga is located at 2269 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard in Clarksville. Classes are $7 suggested donation.