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Greetings from Los Angeles!
I’ve had an exhausting but super educational day today that started off with a 7:30 flight out of Nashville to the City of Angels.
Once properly caffeinated I was good to go.
It was my first time flying American Airlines in the longest. The flight was pretty empty and I had an entire row to myself as well as an upcharge seat at no charge because I let them put me anywhere at check-in when all the seats in the back were full. No complaints here. Their military rate made the flight much less expensive than my beloved Southwest this trip so I fearfully strayed but it was worth it. Do it.
From the airport I headed to Santa Monica’s Annenberg Community Beach House to meet all the other fit bloggers, sponsors and speakers.fitmag2013I got pretty excited about coming here when I saw pictures of all the swag from NYC recaps. When I found out on Friday that Tony Horton would be speaking I was pee my pants NSYNC is reuniting excited.
My love is that serious.
Check-in was quick and it was on to the speakers!
Tony Horton was up first.fitmag201301The man is 55 years old. Can you believe that? I couldn’t help noticing that even his muscles have muscles. My day was made when we blogger bombed him for pictures and I got one. Yay!fitmag201302They let us loose for lunch and the best sponsor party ever. It was like Christmas for fitness enthusiasts in there.fitmag201308fitmag201303fitmag201304 fitmag201305 fitmag201306 fitmag201307Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak spoke next about The New Way to Lose Weight.fitmag201309My favorite session was about monetizing your blog. I’m still working out all the kinks of that particular subject but the panel included three bloggers I’ve been following since before I started blogging!fitmag201310I had to be a creeper and get a picture with these two gals.fitmag201311Monica and Sarah.
We finished off with a 3-mile group run hosted by Saucony.fitmag201312I ran with Betty Wong, editor of Fitness Magazine for a good chunk of time before figuring out it was her. She just kind of threw that into the conversation nonchalantly. So humble. We had some good conversation before everyone split up for the day. It was a great time.
Now it’s time for a little more sightseeing before I head back to Nashville tomorrow for Ragnar Relay Tennessee. I couldn’t ask for a better week but hitting my own bed on Saturday is going to feel amazing.

Have you ever been to LA? I’ve loved my time here but I’m definitely an east coast girl for life!

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    1. ritacambest Post author

      Thanks. I had a great time and I’m sad that it was over so quickly but I’m pumped for Ragnar!

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