ragnar relay recap

Leg 1: 5.4 miles (48:06, 8:54 or 9:07 pace)
Leg 2: 4 miles (46:24, 11:36 pace)
Leg 3: 4.2 miles (41:26 , 9:51 pace)
Total 13.6 miles (2:15:56, 9:59 pace)

My first Ragnar Relay left me with a slew of feelings in its wake. After more than 30 hours in a van and 13.6 miles of running I’m exhausted, questioning my sanity but also proud as hell.
Ragnar is a two-day team race. Our team was a group of mostly strangers joined together by Digital Running Club to run from Chattanooga to Nashville.
I don’t trust that Leg 2 was actually 4 miles. I think it ran long and I think Leg 1 was short. The alternative is that I kicked ass the first leg and bonked the second. An extra 10 minutes on my 4 mile time doesn’t really make much sense to me though but that’s what CardioTrainer said.20131025_073852

{Team Mom and our wonderful photog, Raffi at the start line at sunrise}

It was really, really, really cold, around 40 degrees at race start cold with a low of 27 at night. Our 12-person team was split into two vans. Each runner (I was #11) ran three legs of varying lengths. After getting our instructions, decorating and Van1’s safety brief done the rest of us set off for breakfast at Cracker Barrel.ragnarblog8 ragnarblog10 ragnarblog9

{Decorating the van}

My first leg didn’t actually start until 3:30 so I had a lot of time to be nervous. It was beautiful and ended through trails somewhere outside of Sewanee. I flew that first leg with my first two miles at an 8:14 and 8:54 pace. Yeah. That’s awesome.
The next three were done at 9:32, 9:36, and a 9:38 pace.
After that I had smartphone problems and CardioTrainer would only give me time (no pace, distance or splits). Around 8 we headed to dinner before our second legs.ragnarblog1ragnarblog2ragnarblog3


The next leg didn’t go as well. Thirty one degrees at 1 a.m., not enough sleep, couldn’t get done fast enough. Apparently I could have because my pace either suffered or the course was really long. Not sure.
I wish I’d gotten pictures of the required lamps and headgear for night running but I ran back into the van as soon as possible because it was so cold.
We spent a few hours at the sleeping exchange. Some of our group slept outside in the 27-degree freezing cold and three of us slept in the van In the not as freezing cold.


ragnarblog4 ragnarblog5 ragnarblog6 ragnarblog7

{Finish line}

Yay! As the second to last runner in my van it was a long wait to get my last leg done which is the only thing I didn’t love. I kind of enjoyed our run times because we were able to have regular-ish breakfast and dinner times and I packed a sandwich for lunch. I’ve been training enough for the Nashville Half Marathon that I’m not really all that sore but I took two days off from running anyway. Back to it with a three miler today!

Have you or would you ever do a Ragnar Relay?