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nashville half marathon recap

This recap is long overdue but I’ve kind of just been basking in the glory of a fabulous PR for the past week!
nashresultsOfficial chip time was 2:08:21 (65/181)! That’s almost a 20 minute PR! I’ll take it.
nashhalf2This race was $85 when I entered in September, a bargain compared to Disney races but about average for other races of similar distance. It started and finished on Broadway in Downtown Nashville. I thought that was going to make it really crowded, but there weren’t as many runners as I expected. Maybe 1,500 to 2,000?
nashvillecourseIt was ridiculously cold for this Floridian at race start, but I guess I might as well get used to running in this weather. At 32 degrees, it would have taken an Eskimo’s parka and the fuzziest of fuzzy slippers to keep me warm so I ducked into a hotel lobby to wait it out for awhile instead.
After a “quick” bathroom stop it was time for race start.
20131109_065415(2)We started six minutes late because the race directors seemed to be waiting for the bathroom line to clear up, but I don’t think that happened.  When you gotta go you gotta go.
nashhalf5Those scary bags under my eyes are courtesy of the frat that rented out the hotel I got to get a good night’s “sleep” before race day. Yeah, I’m old. F them. That is all.
nashhalf4About halfway in it warmed up, and I started to regain the feeling in my hands and fingers.
nashhalf6 nashhalf7 nashhalf8It was a beautiful course. It wasn’t as hilly as I expected, but I was glad I trained for the few that I got.
Just past Mile 8 the 2-hour pace group passed me as they headed past a  turnaround toward the Mile 9 marker. I figured they were only three-quarters of a mile ahead of me.
nashhalf10Once I did the math, I got so emotional I started to cry at the Mile 10 mark. This was it. All I had left was a 5K between me, the finish line and a knock-em-out-of-the-park PR.
For the last chunk of the race we did an out-and-back similar to the Color Me Rad Nashville course through LP Field.
nashhalf9Finally I hit Mile 12 just under the 2-hour-mark and the end was near. I put away the camera and booked it to the finish line.

5K 29:14
10K 58:57
15K 1:28
20K 1: 59:04
Last 1.1 miles 9:17 (8:26 pace!)

A glorious 1/2 mile downhill finished the course. I felt like  I flew through the finish line and may or may not have smacked the girl behind me in the face. Oops.
nashhalf1nashhalf3I’m looking into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Country Music Half in April. It follows a similar course and it should still be pretty cool in April here so who knows? Maybe I have a sub-2 in me? Who would have thought that a few years ago?