rock n roll country music half marathon recap

I had such a good time at this race that I forgot to take pictures. Who am I?
I managed to snap this one at race start but besides that it was no pictures from then on out. cmm2Friday after work C and I headed to Nashville for packet pickup at the expo. Nashville is only about an hour away from Fort Campbell so we thought we’d be fine leaving an hour and a half before the expo ended.
Wrong. Traffic was awful. Google Maps told me to take a side road and I didn’t listen. There was an accident, then construction and then another accident on the highway and we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic FOREVER.
Eventually we made it to Music City six minutes before the expo closed. Six! I dropped C off and circled the block hoping someone would pull out of a space. No dice. So I ended up paying $10 to park in a garage and then sprinting for all my life across the entire convention center and up two floors.
Made it through the doors at 6:58. Two minutes to spare.
Close enough?
The expo was HUGE but sadly it was also closed so I didn’t get to see much, but we were ready for race day.
A little carb loading at Demo’s and it was just one sleep until race day.
Come race morning, Broadway was packed. Rock ‘n’ Roll uses corral starts which I love when used correctly. But, like everything else in life that you leave up to human nature, people lined up wherever they wanted (including us) cause a bit of congestion.
The first few miles involved a lot of darting and weaving and it didn’t really let up that much for the rest of the race.
Either way, the spectator support and energy of this was phenomenal and I keep reliving it in my head. Music all along the course, lots of aid stations, water stations and Porta Potties. The only thing that could have made it better would be if this picture didn’t cost me $25.
CMM1Oh well. Can’t win them all.
I had so much fun I’m thinking of doing Vegas in November. It’s on a Saturday night so I’d have until Saturday afternoon to pick up my packet. That’s doable in a weekend, right? Hmm. Decisions.

Have you ever done a Rock ‘n’ Roll race?

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