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My name is Margarita Cambest and I blog at CupcakeCardio.com about fitness, food and life as an Army wife.

I’m a former journo with experience in print, web and radio.

Side note: while I still love the smell of newsprint moving across the country twice in the past year hasn’t done much for my career. I’m excited to say things are starting to look up now that we’re staying in one place for good (thanks Army) but if you’ve got any leads feel free to share them. Networking economy and all that jazz, right?

I’ve struggled with weight loss my entire life. The “lowest” weight I remember being was 125 pounds in 8th grade. I was skinny fat and got to that weight after a previous summer of unhealthily subsisting on Slim Fast and canned vegetables– relying on the number on the scale to set my mood for the day.

In high school I struggled with my weight and yo-yo dieted trying all sorts of fad diets: cabbage soup, grapefruit, Atkins, you name it.

I was never athletic in high school but in 2010 I started running. In 2011 I completed my first half marathon and in 2015 I crossed the finish line of the one and only NYC Marathon.

Today, I’m happy to say it’s not really about the number on the scale. I genuinely love running,  CrossFit, barre and Pilates (and attempt to love yoga) but really I’ll try any fitness class at least once. And while I don’t think I’m at my “after” yet, I’m healthier than I ever was before (yes, even while indulging in the occasional gourmet cupcake).

I’d love for you to follow along.


email: margarita@cupcakecardio.com
Twitter: @cupcakecardio

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