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2014 trot for the troops 10k

Fort Campbell (and the local YMCA) continue to put on fabulous races and this year’s Trot for the Troops was no exception. I did the Trot for the Troops 10K last year (with fabulous pre-race hair might I add) and it’s still my 10K PR.
My phone (and CardioTrainer) died at 5.7 miles, but while I’m pretty sure I came in around 57 minutes this year, clock time says 1:00:03. Eight seconds isn’t a huge deal but the runner in me really wants those eight seconds off my official time. Silly, I know. TrotfortheTroops2014The course was exactly the same as last year and it was just as cold, but I learned from my previous year’s mistakes and wore shorts since I knew I’d be warm soon enough.
trot1Trot for the Troops is hosted by the Hopkinsville Christian County Family YMCA as part of Fort Campbell’s Eagle Challenge Fitness Tour. It’s a year-long schedule of local races and fitness activities with a medal for competing six or more. Last year I heard about the tour too late, and while I’ve done way more than six races this year, I’ll be right at six for this year’s tour.
trot2Along with being pretty affordable, I love that the local MWR posts free race pictures to their Facebook page. Otherwise, how else would you see all this sweaty beautifulness?
Official finish time: 1:00:03

boulder: my future home

Maybe it’s the nostalgia I feel for Gainesville. The college town, hipster scene and plethora of farm-to-table, local restaurants is something I miss fiercely almost every day.
I love me some Indian food, but there are only a certain number of times a month I can go to the same restaurant just to taste something, anything, in my food.
Last month I went to Denver for a health journalism conference. J tagged along because his unit had block leave, but he spent most of the trip in a hotel room.
When we landed Wednesday, the first thing I wanted to do was go back to Snooze. I’d been there in the fall for Fit Social and craved some apple cinnamon pancake deliciousness. snoozeSo we went there and explored Pearl Street a little before heading back to Denver to check in at the host hotel.
The conference was great. Full of ideas for future stories, great networking and best of all it was free. I received a fellowship that covered registration, travel and lodging. I wouldn’t have been there without it.
J slept in so I went exploring with other journalists. I didn’t get much sleep, drank a lot of Starbucks (shocker) but it was worth it to spend my mornings here: boulder I also fit in CrossFit at LoDo, a local box and a run at the rooftop gym. Plus Rocky Mountain oysters (hint they’re not oysters), Voodoo Donuts and a visit to Denver’s first brewery.crossfit voodoo2 wynkoopBoulder was beautiful and I could definitely see living there  in the post-Army future. I know it’s only been a year, but it seems like that future is forever away. I’m a planner and that part has been rough. What to plan when plans keep changing?

Do you have plans for a post-military future? Where do you see yourself living in 4, 8 or 12 years?

thoughts on my first military ball

J and I went to our first military ball a few weeks ago and it was wonderful. ball1I wish J would smile in pictures.
The night was short but well planned. Food was fantastic and the drinks were even better.
ball2I used Rent the Runway for the first time and it went well. Got a $2,000 dress I didn’t actually have to pay retail for. Always a good thing. You don’t get to keep the dress but how likely would I be to wear a ballgown again in the first place?
My concerns about what I was wearing went away after the first couple of compliments. Apparently I did good. I was worried that I’d be overdressed after hearing some people mention short, cocktail dresses. Negative. Lots of ball gowns, although some chose not to  leave enough to the imagination. To each their own.
Our only bad experience was checking in to the hotel for the night. I work full-time and didn’t have hours and hours to get ready, so we rushed over after I got off from work and got dressed in the car. My hair probably explains that one pretty well. We went to the reception before checking in and went to the front desk after dinner.
Even though I booked the room months in advance.
Even though I called to confirm we’d have an atrium view king (which I would have gladly paid more for instead of using the block rate).
Even though they took my reservation.
Apparently they didn’t know how to keep it. Neither the king or the atrium room we booked was available so instead of viewing this from our reserved balcony:bnago_phototour06Source: Gaylord Opryland Resort

We had a window to nowhere. Literally. There was a window and six inches away from that there was a beige wall. I really wanted to like this hotel despite all of the bad reviews because the resort itself is lovely, but if it wasn’t one thing it was another. Just another thing to add to the list of reasons why I love Hyatt and dislike Marriott properties but lesson relearned, I guess.

Have you ever been to a military ball? What’d you wear?