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universal studios

Forte Fitness bootcamp (60 min.)

Yesterday, I started the Forte Fitness 21-day belly blast challenge. It’s a bootcamp/meal plan that you follow for three weeks with “guaranteed” results.

It was a rough wakeup.

I got up at 5 to make it to bootcamp early enough to get measurements done, but I forgot to let anyone know I was going at 6 a.m. instead of 7 p.m. as I had originally planned so there was no one there to take them. Boo. :(

My fault, I know.

I got a good workout in. I tried to run but it wasn’t happening. The instructor worked with me on my minor hamstring pull (self-diagnosed).

I wasn’t really sweating but that’s because there was a lot I couldn’t do. It’s feeling better today so Wednesday’s workout should be better.

I’ve failed on the meal plan but that’s a story for another day.

After bootcamp I went home and changed. Then I commited the biggest native Floridian mistake ever.


I went to a theme park during Spring Break.

Why? I don’t know. It was crazypants crowded.

I’m not sure where all of the people were because the waits weren’t too bad but there was a 15-minute line to get into the bathrooms in the parking lot and then another 15-minute line to get into CityWalk– and that’s before we even made it to the actual park.

We all had annual passes so we walked right in without making yet another line.









It was fun. I enjoyed the family time. It’s one of the things I’ll miss most about moving.

The day ended with cousin night at the movies downtown and a walk along Lake Eola.


A perfect Monday.

Are you on Spring Break? What are your family plans?

southern exposure conference day 2

LA Fitness HW
1 mile treadmill run (10:37)


30 min. on the elliptical

10-1 Thrusters
10-1 Box Hops (on stacked plates)
10-1 Handstand Pushups
For overall time (15:09)

I got kicked out of LA Fitness Sunday night. I didn’t even know they did that.20130303_200341Before LA Fitness decided they didn’t want me anymore I spent the day with Loi at the Southern Exposure Conference Expo at the Caribe Royale. 20130302_175312We didn’t expect to be there for very long but there were so many booths and so many people to talk to. Not to mention SO MUCH PRODUCE. There were a lot of fruits and vegetables that I’d never heard of but would be interested in trying, like these purple sweet potatoes. Pretty, no?20130302_152101We both came home with so much produce and “produce companion items”. I was psyched to get two bottles of my favorite Boathouse Farms yogurt dressing. If you follow me on Facebook you know how addicted I am to the stuff.20130302_195921I also got some perfectly ripe avocados, an opal apple and some delicious Vidalia potato chips and Peruvian onions. Mmm. So good.
I used one of the onions and some of the avocado to make a super tasty BBQ chicken pizza on a cauliflower crust for dinner tonight.
It was just as good as the Domino’s I was craving and half the calories.

Have you ever been kicked out of a gym? It was only 8!
Have you tried purple sweet potatoes? Where can I find them in central Florida?

parkesdale farms

Thrusters and pullups for overall time (9:40ish?)

60 min. Zumba

I’ve been playing catchup lately it seems with the mess going on with my blog design. A little over a week ago I met up with some of the Tampa Bay Bloggers at Parkesdale Farms (the same weekend I did 5K FoamFest…recap coming soon!).
It was great. I’ve been here once before on a drive back to Orlando from Tampa and if you’re ever in the “Orlampa” area you should definitely stop on by.

park3We ended up getting a $20 certificate good toward everything in the store and I bought all my produce for the week and still had some credit so I bought a couple of their homemade jams and preserves.


And I got a “world-famous” strawberry milkshake for the drive home after making a little bit of a line.





All unmarked pictures courtesy of my friend Denise.