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this is the one where i explain where i’ve been

Or so it’s supposed to be. As it usually does, life got in the way of blogging. Work/life balance and then a PCS? It happens. In lieu of an apology how about an update? 

Since March, we’ve been told we’re never leaving Fort Campbell, given three weeks to pack to leave Fort Campbell, PCSed to Florida and then my husband was put on hold for two months while the Army figures out where their paperwork went. Despite being back “home” in the Sunshine State, we’re still 10 hours away from South Florida so life is CrossFit, marathon training and make-at-home coffee (because budgeting for the future nursing home and no longer DINKs). 

It’s not a bad place to be but I’m bored. I keep telling myself it could be worse but I miss my friends, coworkers, running buddies and CrossFit Dunbar Cave Lab. No longer living on post makes it harder to meet people.

  I’ve found a new box, but it’s not the same. I’ve made a few acquaintances but it’s not the same. Now I’m crying in Starbucks (see: why I’ve been avoiding my blog).


On the horizon is the Army Ten Miler, NYC Marathon and a Fort Campbell family reunion (minus one important piece) at RNR Vegas so fall should be lots of fun. At least that’s what I keep telling myself after runs so humid I can wring the sweat out of my shirt and it looks like I went swimming.

What are you looking forward to this fall? Any tips for making friends when you don’t live on post?

boulder: my future home

Maybe it’s the nostalgia I feel for Gainesville. The college town, hipster scene and plethora of farm-to-table, local restaurants is something I miss fiercely almost every day.
I love me some Indian food, but there are only a certain number of times a month I can go to the same restaurant just to taste something, anything, in my food.
Last month I went to Denver for a health journalism conference. J tagged along because his unit had block leave, but he spent most of the trip in a hotel room.
When we landed Wednesday, the first thing I wanted to do was go back to Snooze. I’d been there in the fall for Fit Social and craved some apple cinnamon pancake deliciousness. snoozeSo we went there and explored Pearl Street a little before heading back to Denver to check in at the host hotel.
The conference was great. Full of ideas for future stories, great networking and best of all it was free. I received a fellowship that covered registration, travel and lodging. I wouldn’t have been there without it.
J slept in so I went exploring with other journalists. I didn’t get much sleep, drank a lot of Starbucks (shocker) but it was worth it to spend my mornings here: boulder I also fit in CrossFit at LoDo, a local box and a run at the rooftop gym. Plus Rocky Mountain oysters (hint they’re not oysters), Voodoo Donuts and a visit to Denver’s first brewery.crossfit voodoo2 wynkoopBoulder was beautiful and I could definitely see living there  in the post-Army future. I know it’s only been a year, but it seems like that future is forever away. I’m a planner and that part has been rough. What to plan when plans keep changing?

Do you have plans for a post-military future? Where do you see yourself living in 4, 8 or 12 years?

ugly sweater run

Happy Hump Day!
I’m going on my third week of an actual monthly membership at a CrossFit box and it’s going great.
The last time I was doing anything but dropping in a few times a week was for about a month in the summer and before that it was for two months in Orlando. So does this mean I’ve been a Crossfitter for four months…or do I get to count the months I was a sometimes Crossfitter? Eh, I don’t know.
Either way, I’m having a great time at my newest box. My only wish is that it was closer/walkable/publictransportationable (I can make up words if I want to) but that’s not happening anytime soon. I’ll live.
I signed up for the 3x a month membership at $65/month. That’s crazy cheap compared to prices in Orlando so I willingly fork it over for the extra attention and camaraderie one gets at a box versus a traditional gym. Plus, I really want to tone up in 2014 so there’s that.
After coming off of my half marathon PR high and this new focus on CrossFit I haven’t been running as much lately. To make up for it I’m hoping to do The Ugly Sweater Run in St. Louis on Saturday with J.
Beer. Christmas. Awesome. Yes, please. This is finally a race I can convince him to do with me. There are quite a few freebies included in the entry fee that make it a race that isn’t just about “paying for something you can do for free.” J’s words not mine. I love races obviously.
What I’m not looking forward to is this.
Not OK. I don’t understand why everything around here floods with a few inches of rain. It’s not even a hurricane. Sheesh.

Have you done any fun themed races lately? What should we see while in St. Louis? Also, does anyone have any tricks for double unders because I fail at them. Seriously.