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sweetest batch cupcakery

I’ve passed this place a few times since we moved and just had to stop in on the way to lunch on Friday.20130510_131918Worth every cent.
These weren’t quite as good as my beloved Sweet! but they’re a close second. The chocolate chocolate chip was to die for and the strawberries and cream tasted like strawberry ice cream. SO good.
The hours are a little inconvenient (Tuesday-Saturday 10:30 to 6) but it’s worth the stop. They offer a military discount and on Fridays they sell packs of minis so you can sample a few flavors instead of indulging in just one ginormous cupcake.
I brought the leftovers home for J and then took another one for the team.sweetestbatch1J polished off the rest.

The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery is located at 2237 Lowes Drive, Clarksville, TN 37040.

gigi’s cupcakes

So we didn’t get into Atlanta early enough this past week to make it to the Atlanta Cupcake Factory in VaHi. Sadness.
J was craving one of their chili chocolate cupcakes something fierce and well, I just really wanted a cupcake, so we stopped at Gigi’s in Buckhead on the way out of town.gigi1It was probably one of the better decisions of our trip. I got an Oreo cupcake because they didn’t have red velvet and it was freaking delicious. gigi2J got a mini cherry cheesecake because they didn’t have anything that compared to what he was craving. He said it was good but no chili chocolate from Atlanta Cupcake Factory.
Guess that just means we have another trip to Atlanta in our future and I’m not one to argue with that logic.

Sweet Divas and Dali Museum

After the Color Run we weren’t ready to go back to Orlando just yet so we headed out to explore St. Pete. I cleaned up as best I could, changed my clothes and washed my face in a public restroom.

Classy, I know.

Our first stop was right around the park. J was immediately drawn to a sign advertising chocolate covered bacon so we headed into Sweet Divas Chocolates.

Of course I got a cupcake.


Still have orange cornstarch on my chest. So sexy, right?

As a rule I usually start with red velvet because if a bakery has that mastered everything else should fall into place.

This place had a sign that said “St. Petersburg’s best cupcakes” so I thought it would be OK. The best part was the hot pink box. The cake just tasted like sugar and the frosting was more of the same. J didn’t like it either so after a little guilt about all the starving kids in China it went in the trash.

Some of the other cupcakes sounded good but I probably won’t ever be back in town to give them a second chance.

The bacon was weird. Maybe sprinkled on a sundae? I could probably get on that but in this case bacon didn’t make everything better.

We did buy an amaretto chocolate sauce that is AMAZING so the stop wasn’t a total loss.

Next door we got some peppermint vanilla sugar and Mexican hot chocolate at The Savory Spice Shop. They were great!

Savory Spice Shop

My favorite part of the trip was our next stop.

I’ve wanted to go The Dali Museum since I pulled an ad for it almost six years ago. I’d actually kept the $1 off entry ad coupon in my car up until a couple months ago.Oh well!

We headed inside where they didn’t allow any pictures but took some outside for good measure.


This was a wish tree outside where you tied your admission band after you were done with the exhibit and made a wish. Art and an experience in one. How cool is that?


Hands down the coolest painting was one I hadn’t heard of before.

Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea which at Twenty Meters Becomes the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln (Homage to Rothko)

Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea which at Twenty Meters Becomes the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln (Homage to Rothko)


I would definitely recommend the tour if you stop in. We learned a lot of history and were treated to some stories about Dali’s life that we probably would not have read about otherwise.

Thanks St. Pete for a great time!