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whole 30 wrapup

So if I’ve been MIA lately it’s because I’ve spent every waking moment thinking about food.
Why is that any different than usual, you ask?
Well, I just finished my third Whole 30. The second full one really since I failed a second attempt in January. Since starting a desk job, traveling and too many trips to Nashville I’ve put on more than 10 pounds since November. Chinese, I love you, but you don’t love me.
Whole 30As of Wednesday, I made it through 30 days of eating whole, unprocessed food. No legumes, dairy, soy or bread. No Sex With Your Pants On (SWYPO) foods like paleo pancakes/bread/muffins etc. and lots of black coffee (kind of gross).

It’s been a week since I’ve been officially done with my Whole 30.
The verdict?
SW: 153.2
CW: 141.6
Total pounds lost: 11.6

It’s amazing what eating real food can do for you.

My pants fit again so I celebrated with a shopping spree during Back to School Tax-free Shopping Weekend (even though I have no kiddos I still love a good sale) and a trip to a local grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free bakery in town called Nerdy Birdy Cookie Company. It was delish and worth the 30-day wait. Yesterday, I went to the county fair with a friend and tasted lots of terrible things so I still feel kind of terrible but tomorrow is another day.

Now that I’ve had the cheat day I’m ready for another 30.

Have you ever done a Whole 30?


down with the pounds

scaleTwo weeks ago I weighed in with coworkers for a local, annual weight loss competition. The goal: Lose at least 3 percent of my body weight in six weeks. Totally doable, right?
Last month’s goal was to maintain my weight through a month of yummy holiday treats and baked good temptations. I managed to stay within five pounds of starting weight and that’s OK with me. During the holidays you’ve got to take what you can get.
Since weighing in on Jan. 19 I’ve lost five pounds putting me at goal for the competition. I’m eligible for a door prize which is great because to win this thing I’d need to lose weight to the point of nonexistence. Not going to happen and that’s OK.
I’m realistic. I didn’t sign up with plans to win in the first place. I don’t have that much to lose. Instead, I’m just in it for the 10 free fitness classes.
My problem with weight loss I’m sure is a problem for a lot of people. I’m pretty “good” during the week and then weekends are a free-for-all on every delicious temptation that comes in sight. Seriously. I had a pulled pork and mac-and-cheese stuffed panini in Lexington this weekend. Who puts that deliciously evil combo together? Really, now.
Instead of beating myself up for it I need to realize that weekend free-for-alls are my downfall and fix the problem. Recognizing that is the first step. We all have similar obstacles in our way– bread basket at dinner, running out of time to pack lunch and hitting a drive thru instead, getting home late and not having anything thawed for dinner. All of these things suck but they’re easily remedied excuses. All it takes is a little bit of planning.
For the next four weeks of this local biggest loser competition I really just want to focus on routine. It’s possible to stay on track and even lose weight while away from home/on vacation. See here. But it’s SO much easier when you stick to a routine. Meal plan, eat at home and even plan workouts. It really makes all the difference.

What are your tried and true weight loss/maintenance strategies?

farewell 2013: picture heavy recap

Happy 2014!
I still can’t believe it’s a new year.
When the clock struck midnight it really hit me. My life is completely different now than it was a year ago. Sure, the people in it are constant. I’m still married (awesome), have an anxious dog Rico (crazy) and write a lot but there’s plenty that’s completely different.
In the course of the past year we’ve moved 759 miles from home. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but since then we’ve started new jobs and pretty much changed everything about our day-to-day lives.
I miss Orlando every day. I miss running the loop around Lake Eola and having everything I needed in the Waterford Lakes Town Center. I miss my friends, annual passes to Universal, Sweet! by Good Golly Miss Holly, my immediate and extended family (especially my sister and cousins) and warmth.
Right now, I definitely miss the warmth.
Through all that I’m still incredibly grateful for the opportunity to travel.
J graduated from basic and Air Assault.
grad8airassault1We moved to Fort Campbell, settled in and made new friends.
20131108_195016Each day brings the chance to discover something new. Weekends bring day trips to places we would have needed to fly to from Florida. There’s so much good here if one takes the time to look. Just like with any new surroundings optimism is key.
If I was to give 2013 a nickname I’d call it the year of travel. I always hope every year brings more travel than the last, but I think we’ve more than nailed that resolution.

In the past year I’ve made it to:
Los Angeles for FitBlogLA and to see my high school BFF and Tony Horton!
fitblog1 fitblog2labloglablog5Denver/Boulder for the Fitness and Health Social Media Conference
fitsocialMany, many trips to Nashville
nashville6 aaMemphis
20130616_113412IMG_1163St. Louis
chicago2 illinois
Bowling Green for the Corvette museum tour (no pictures!)
atlanta10 atlanta13 atlantaI’ve worked hard to complete last year’s goal of finishing 13 races in 2013.
cmr1 ragnarblog10And hit a new PR at every distance.
26:06 5K
uglysweater159:55 10K
IMG_13682:08 Half Marathon
nashhalf2It’s been a good year but I’ve still got work to do. If the new year means anything it’s the opportunity to continue to better yourself and that’s exactly what I intend on doing.
In 2014 I’d like to gain muscle and lift heavier, eat cleaner, work on a personal training certification, save more money and pretty much most of the common “resolutions” people have. If I get to travel more that’s definitely an added bonus. I don’t resolve to do any of these things but muscle gain and financial peace are definitely my goals for the year. I like that word better anyway.

What are your 2014 goals?