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this is not ok

It happened again this week.

Another female runner attacked for having the audacity to do something male runners take for granted.

In case you haven’t heard the news, a 25-year-old runner training for Chicago was attacked during a morning run in artsy River North over the weekend. This comes about a little more than a month after 30-year-old Karina Vetrano was found dead after a run in Queens–sexually assaulted and strangled–and after police found Vanessa Marcotte a half-mile from her mother’s house in Massachusetts. The 27-year-old was found naked and burned.

“She shouldn’t have worn those shorts.”
“She shouldn’t run in a sports bra (nevermind that it’s a bajillion degrees).”
“She shouldn’t run alone.”

I’m so sick of reading headlines about missing runners and even more sick of the comments that follow.

When is enough, enough? Because even when I run in capris, a long-sleeved shirt and bed head the comments from passing cars still come.

Thankfully for this runner she’s still alive. After a man came up behind her, grabbed her by the neck, threw her to the ground and started to choke her, a Good Samaritan noticed and helped. Shaken up but otherwise unharmed she was lucky.

The sun was out. It makes me angry to think that it could have been worse. It’s infuriating that I don’t have a way to fix it.

We take self defense classes, carry pepper spray, change up our routes, wear longer clothes and yet none of those things are a solution.

What exactly are we supposed to do differently and why is it up to us?

rant: why liquid diets for weight loss are stupid

1 mile run
30 minute strength workout

My subject today is going to hit close to home for a lot of people but I want to talk a little about juicing, meal replacement shakes and other general liquid diets that won’t do you any freaking good in the long run.


I know plenty of people that swear by Shakeology, juice cleanses and even dated SlimFast diets to get a few quick pounds off before special events. Eat green salads twice a day and replace one meal with a shake, juice, bowl of Kellogg’s, pill etc. etc. etc. OF COURSE you’re going to lose weight because you’re essentially starving your body to a huge caloric deficit but that sort of nutrition isn’t sustainable in the long run. Just as sure as you’ll lose the weight you’ll find it when you go back to your old eating habits. And trust me. You’ll go back. Have you ever seen someone that’s happy eating grapefruits all day? No, they’re freaking miserable.
Why is that so dang hard? Is it laziness, cooking inabilities, money burning a hole in your pocket?
Some of these juice cleanses cost upwards of $60 a day to do something your body does for itself naturally. Imagine how full you’d be if you ate 10 carrots, an apple, kale and all the other good for you things in those juices? It’s absolutely impossible to overeat fruits and vegetables because they make you full with less.
While at the Fitness Magazine Meet and Tweet last week Tony Horton (my fave) backed me up on this. He shared tips and tricks about healthy eating that I wholeheartedly agree with. Diets don’t work and while eating pancakes every once in awhile isn’t going to kill you, your body will feel 10 times better with real food. He gave a big thumbs down to liquid diets and I loved that.
Are you going to spend the rest of your life replacing lunch with a shake? Probs not.
I have no problem at all with using drinks as workout supplements. Shakeology as a pre- or post-workout supplement in addition to moderately sized healthy meals? All over it. My problem is with using liquids as a replacement for real food. I don’t think it’s really that hard to heat up a chicken breast and toss it over some bagged greens. No skill required there. Scrambling a couple of eggs up with some sautéed spinach takes less than five minutes. Seriously. I beg you to try it. Real food is amazing.
As someone who is absolutely obsessed with delicious food it’s hard for me to imagine being satisfied with liquid meals. I won’t lie and tell you I haven’t tried them (Slim Fast circa 2002) but because I’ve made the mistake in the past I think I’m even better equipped to tell you it’s lame.
Sometimes we run out of time in the morning and a green monster just has to do when you’re in a bind. That’s OK. Live and let live. Most of the time though we have the time (especially when planned ahead) to whip something up quickly and leave a meal feeling satisfied. So what gives?

QUESTION: What’s your take on liquid meals? Love them? Why? Hate them? Ditto.

rant: are fun runs real races?

5 mile run (50:36, 10:07 pace)

I found this super old 2009 opinion piece the other day about “plodders” competing in marathons and I’m a little upset. Basically they talked to a lot of marathoners that feel that anyone running more than a six-hour finish time has no right to call themselves a marathoner.
I call bull.
In addition to The Color Run and Color Me Rad there are a slew of other mostly for-profit fun runs making their way onto the running scene.


Glow runs, mud runs, beer runs, zombie runs. All of these “runs” (mostly targeted at non-runners) have their place in the business.
My question is why do so many runners have to put down other people’s accomplishments?
I consider myself average speed. I’m not breaking any records or winning any medals at a top speed of an 8-something-minute mile but I don’t fault anyone for going slower than me.
My philosophy on running has always been this: I train for distance but incorporate fun runs, CrossFit and group exercise in as cross-training without looking down on any one form of exercise over another. I think it’s a good philosophy to have which is why I’m so confused when some runners have almost a holier than though attitude toward fun runs.
I’ll admit, I was a little annoyed that there were so many walkers at The Color Run last weekend. Walkers=complete ignorance of race etiquette and staying the heck out of the left lane. Yeah, it was annoying but I don’t fault them for not knowing. I go into fun runs expecting a makeshift obstacle course and leave PR dreams at the start line. Wanna know why? Because it’s a FUN run!
As a runner and fitness enthusiast I love what fun runs do for newbie exercisers. I wouldn’t suggest the Krispy Kreme Challenge or The Twinkie Run for anybody trying to get into healthy living but theme races are great motivators for those just starting out.


I love that they’re family friendly events that get people excited to exercise. They’re not “races” by any means but hardcore elitist runners can have their capped marathons, $175+ entry fees and Porta Potti lines. While I’d love to run a Boston, Chicago or NYC one year it’s going to take some time for me to feel ready to conquer that distance. I’m not there yet but that doesn’t make me or anyone else any less of a runner because of that. I’ll be doing a Ragnar Relay next weekend and you better believe I’m going to be damn proud of that accomplishment. Trendy or not it’s something I couldn’t do three years ago.

Question of the Day: What are your thoughts on fun runs? Do you think plodders have a place in marathons?
Bonus: Check out a great view on the topic from Jeff Galloway himself.