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Dog Sitting

WOD: 30 min. elliptical, 20. min. strength

You’d think I have enough to deal with just with my 65-pound mutt but I volunteered to dog sit and brought home a second one.


Friday morning we went to the complex dog park for some outdoor playtime fun.


My pup is a little too friendly sometimes but gets kind of macho when you bring another dog into his house. When we first brought Lulu in his fur puffed up and he barked a lot but eventually he got over it.


I can’t say they were the best of friends. She didn’t play much but Rico had a good time.

20121228_101127We found some chalk outside of the park and I played hopscotch while Lulu and Rico wondered what was going on.



I’m loving this beautiful Florida winter weather. How was your weekend?

He Sh*t on My Tree

WOD: 3 mile run (34:34, so slow who cares)

So last night I planned to run 8 miles according to schedule.

Yeah. That didn’t happen.

After dinner J and I got home and found this.


I knew something was wrong when we walked up to the apartment and saw the string of lights missing from the window. At first glance you’d think the tree just fell over which would have been upsetting but not as upsetting as what actually happened.

We gave Rico new food and apparently it made him have to go so bad that he tried to escape through the windows to get outside, knocking the Christmas tree down in the process. Then my beloved mutt was so scared he literally shit himself while trapped under the tree.

See the evidence here:


It took about two hours to clean this shit (pun intended) up. Diarrhea EVERYWHERE.

Thankfully most ended up on the tree skirt so I just threw that away and rewrapped the presents with poop on them.

I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time I was cleaning because this kind of stuff only seems to happen with my crazy ass dog.



I can’t make this shit up.

This morning we went for a short 3 miler and stopped at every bush, tree and squirrel along the way. I shouldn’t have even bothered timing myself.


There’s been drizzly fog all day long and it made running this morning really uncomfortable.

Rico was ecstatic though.


If you think my dog is funny read this Best of Craigslist ad. It’s all I could think about the entire time I was cleaning.

A Husky

WOD: 30 Day Shred Level 2 Day 8, 4 mile run (42:43, 10:40 pace)

The weather this morning was so absolutely fall like it made for a super easy run.

My run was quickly interrupted by one of these guys:

After about my first mile a stranger tagged along. This beautiful Siberian husky started running with me. Apparently his name was Hudson.

Hudson didn’t feel like going inside and reminded me a lot of Rico. His owner (dressed in business clothing sans suit jacket) was chasing him all over the neighborhood to no avail. I came close to catching him a few times but I was running short on time and had to give up eventually. I’m guessing he eventually gave in and went inside because when I swung back that was to go home he was nowhere in sight.

Ah, dogs.

I usually get Rico to come in by getting in the car and telling him we’re going for a car ride. Works almost every time.

After a capture in St. Augustine. At least one of them is happy.

I feel like a need a dog whisperer sometimes. Any tips or tricks to get your dog to listen to you?