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aerial dance class

Aerial dance class (45 min.)

I had a pretty lazy weekend but it was totally awesome.aerial11Saturday I met up with some area bloggers to go to an aerial dance class at Northwest Dance Studio.
The class was tougher than I expected. I still haven’t mastered that elusive upper body strength and it required plenty.aerial8It took me awhile. My friend, Sweta, on the other hand was a complete natural.aerial2I’ve never claimed to be graceful. In fact, I know I’m the biggest klutzo ever but when I finally did get upside down (assisted by a hammock tie) it felt pretty good.aerial4 aerial7 aerial5After class, Sweta and I headed over to downtown Winter Park for lunch.
We ended up trying Eola Wine Company. 20130309_125804
I loved my food, especially the $8 mimosa flights we both had (super delicious), but the service was a little spotty. They were really crowded so I’d still give them another shot.


20130309_132026I’m going to try aerial yoga tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have you ever tried a silks class?