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thoughts on the biggest loser

So Season 15 of The Biggest Loser aired last night with a focus on second chances this time. Sadly, I didn’t get to it until this morning because we don’t get anything on our TV.
I know, it’s awful it’s really not that bad, I promise.1385593_10151631967100981_1854063213_nAnyway, I know the show is controversial in many ways. I know there have been plenty of articles about excessive weight loss methods and the difficulties the contestants have in maintaining their weight loss after the show. The show’s reps do say the contestants are supervised closely by medical doctors and fed by nutritionists so I’m OK with all of that. What happens after the show? Not on them. This post isn’t about any of that anyway.
I also know that the number on the scale is not the ONLY measure of health we should rely on but it’s a pretty big one for me. Not watching the scale leads the pounds to creep up on me so I’m an avid fan. Avid, not obsessive.
So, with that out of the way what did you all think?!
I was pumped for the premiere and saw some promise in a few of the contestants. I didn’t jump on the BL train until Season 13 because I’m not really a fan of reality television (or most TV in general) but this is one of the few shows I love to turn on because it motivates me to do better. Try eating Oreos while watching the contestants work their asses off in the gym. Yeah, not gonna happen. The show will make you want to go out and run a marathon after one bite and that’s what I love about it.
I find the show inspirational. I love watching it at the gym when I can because it pushes me to work harder. And while I know that how quickly they reach their numbers is not realistic for the average working person (SPOILER ALERT: One of the new contestants, David, lost 38 pounds this episode! Unbefreakinglievable.) I still love watching their progress.
I love that all of the trainers (especially Bob Harper) are incorporating CrossFit moves into their workouts. I saw burpees, slam balls, squats, tire flips and KB swings in their first workout on the ranch.
Hands down though my favorite quote of the night came from my girl, JM, like usual.
“Are you puking? If the answer is no then get up and look at me.”
Awesome. I love that woman.
The wild card was the trainer save during the weigh-in. A bit of a shocker, no? Trainers this season get to use one “save” each to keep one of their contestants safe for another week. Craig lost 13 pounds and was going home until JM used it to keep him on the ranch another week. That was probably my favorite part. I hate seeing them go home the first week. It’s so sad.
I was a little bummed that this week’s episode was only an hour and hope that pattern doesn’t continue in the future but I did appreciate the shorter weigh-in. That drama llama always goes on way too long.
I can’t wait until next week!

Did you watch the premiere Tuesday night? What’d you think? What team would you be?And just to make your Thursday a little better/because I’m awesome like that here you go. You’re welcome. :) Team Dolvett all the way, baby!