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WOD: Spinning (48 min.)

I headed over to the park today to meet up with the Central Florida Women Runners but the run was canceled. :(

My immediate thought was to call it a day. It was cold and dark (we’ve had un-Floridalike weather recently) and I didn’t really feel like doing anything at all, but I told myself to go to the gym for just a little bit.


Just a little bit turned into stopping in an awesome spin class with great music. It’s like the instructor was using my iPod.


Yesterday J and I took a trip up to my first home away from home to go the grand opening of Trader Joe’s.

I forgot the “good” camera as Caroline calls it and just had my phone for pictures. You’ll live. I promise.

So I tried to fix the fluorescent lighting and failed bigtime. Oh well.

So I tried to fix the fluorescent lighting. #bloggerphotofail

Apparently people lined up more than two hours before opening to be the first in the store. I called in advance to see if there would be any freebies and since the nice employees told me there weren’t any we left Orlando later in the day. Sleep is more important to me than being the first in line. #priorities


I was like a kid in a candy store.

I love Trader Joe’s!

I love them so much I sent them a letter back when I lived in Gainesville pleading for them to open in Orlando, the closest metro area. They sent me something back about Florida not being a good market at the time and I died a little inside. Cut to two years later and they open in Gainesville!


I’m so happy they finally opened in Florida but really confused.

On the bright side this gives me yet another reason to visit the Gator Nation.


We left $90 poorer but of course after making the two-hour drive we had to make a couple of other stops.

We stopped at Adam’s Ribs to buy my favorite barbecue sauce.

And Ward’s for local honey, sweet tea and vanilla beans.

But no trip to Gainesville is complete without a stop at Satchel’s.


I dream of this garlicky deliciousness. Yes, I know. I have a problem with food.

Satchel’s is a quirky pizza joint decorated with garbage. There’s a “junk shop” in the back and on the weekends it’s so crowded they give you a scavenger hunt list to keep you busy. It’s the perfect college hangout where hipsters, students and locals alike come together for fabulous food and great atmosphere.


Oh yeah. And you can eat in a van.


Me and college friend Frank, J’s taking the picture


This trip made me miss Gainesville so much.  I left feeling a little nostalgic but I’m itching to find similar spots in Orlando that I love just as much.

Time to start exploring.

Do you love Gainesville as much as I do? Any hidden gems in Orlando I should check out?