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suja juice cleanse

I never thought I’d do one of these. Juice cleanses are pretty gimmicky in my book. Your body doesn’t actually need to “cleanse” anything and everything you lose is water weight etc. etc.

I’d read about Suja juices before, but the Whole Foods in Orlando didn’t carry them. I also didn’t want to pay shipping from California because I’m cheap.
Alas, while visiting Nashville’s ginormously awesome Whole Foods this weekend what should my wandering eyes fall upon but a pricey juice cleanse I’d spent a lot of wasted time thinking about. I noticed them in the refrigerated case by the checkouts. They were also on sale so I think it was fate. Yeah, fate. That’s what we’ll go with.
Anyway, I bought the only five they had in stock and took them home with me. Still going with fate and not clever marketing and pretty packaging.
I drank Master Cleanse on Sunday along with a small dinner and went to bed early. Monday morning I woke up starving as usual and was kind of bummed I’d made the decision to drink all of my meals for the day.
“But you can just eat these eggs and hash browns,” J said temptingly.
I cracked open Glow on the way out the door.
Glow tasted a little like celery but the apple flavor made up for it. It could also be that I wake up hungry enough to eat almost anything.
By mid-afternoon I was hungry again, and the office was starting to smell like lunch. I reconsidered my decision to do this on a weekday. About an hour later I opened up Purify.
Godawful. That’s the only word that I think completely encompasses how I feel about that juice. The pretty red color will fool you but don’t let it because it tastes like beets straight from the ground. Gah. I chugged it as quickly as possible. Fifteen minutes later I was still hungry and my mouth tasted like dirt so I drank some water.
Around 3 my stomach started talking and I smelled fried chicken and bread. I think the world was purposefully torturing me. I ate a handful of cashews.
On the way home I debated going to CrossFit but drove to the gym instead for a treadmill session.
It’s been two weeks since I’d run any significant mileage and my body was craving the run. I downed Fiji during the car ride there. More celery, no mint, some apple. Not as good as Glow but not as terrible as Purify either.
I did 3 miles in 29:03. Not too shabby for skipping runs for two weeks while deathly ill/recovering from a cold.
I got home and showered and got ready to drink Vanilla Cloud. It was like heaven in a bottle. Anything after Purify would be like drinking heaven but this was so good J wanted to take it from me. Coconut, almond, nutmeg and cinnamon deliciousness. I didn’t want it to end.
I woke up this morning down three pounds of water weight and feeling refreshed.
Juicing will never be something that I believe “cleanses” your body but I do feel like I’ve reset myself on the right track. Juicing for weight loss? Still dumb. Juicing for a reset? Awesome.

Have you ever tried juicing?

on boston

I’ve been thinking about this post since Monday night.
I wasn’t sure whether I should mention it on the blog. I like to keep this a positive, happy place but the world isn’t always positive and happy I guess.
I wasn’t in Boston.
I’ll probably never qualify for Boston.
And I don’t know anyone “in real life” that was there.
None of these things change the way this tragedy affected me.
I watched the Twin Towers go down over and over and over again in middle school. I know exactly where I was when I found out (Mr. Kingsley’s 8th grade geometry class). I never once cried over the attacks on September 11, however terrible they were.
This hit home.
My family thinks I run faster than I really do.
I got in my car after hitting the gym and had text messages from three separate people asking me if I was OK. When a reporter friend asked if I knew anyone running I figured she needed a local source for a human interest story, instead she told me she hoped they were OK. I turned on NPR and heard the news.
It wasn’t until I got home later that night and turned on the TV news that it started to hit me.
I cried.
I can’t imagine such a wonderful accomplishment, all of the training put into a race, all of it…ruined, tainted.
As a runner, I feel for all of the runners, families, volunteers and spectators. It wouldn’t have been me. I’m not that fast but it could happen anywhere and at any race.
Where are you safe anymore?
Yesterday I went for a run to remember the victims and cried again. I passed others doing the same, some even wearing makeshift bibs that said “Remember Boston”.
The running community is nothing but love and acceptance for your fellow runners. It has nothing to do with politics or hate. Whatever animal that did this deserves more than what’s coming. President Obama said they will feel the full weight of justice.
I feel like justice can’t come soon enough.




Warm up: 250m row 10 burpees 50 counts jump rope– Did one round. (3:14) Rested 3:14 then did another round. Final time of 9:07.
21-15-9 Squat cleans with 12 pound medicine ball, box tricep dips, sit ups (don’t remember the time)

Plank-a-day: 1:37


Warmup: Lot’s of stretching, 400m run


30-Wall Balls (12 pounds)
20-Pull-ups (Beginners Jumping Pull-ups)
(RX) 3 Rounds



WORKOUT: 60 min. spin class

Plank-a-day: 1:00

I’ve finished my first week of Cross Fit and it feels great. Well, actually everything is ridiculously sore but it feels pretty awesome to have completed it!

I took today “off” from that and went to the regular gym for a late night spin class. Weird instructor and weird instruction so I’m probably not going back at that time slot again, but I got a good workout in anyway.

I’ve lost four pounds this week of the 10 pounds I managed to gain during the holidays. I’m happy with that but for some extra motivation I signed up for a site called DietBet.


The concept is something I’ve heard about in the past and have always wanted to try. Basically, everyone participating puts in a “bet” (in this case $25) and the money is pooled together. It’s not winner take all though. The goal is to lose 4 percent of your body weight in four weeks and everyone that accomplishes that goal splits the pot.

When I signed up the pot was at $1,725 and it’s since grown to $6,375 and 255 players.


That’s a lot of money. If anything can motivate me to lose 20 pounds it’s money. I mean, isn’t that why the celebrities do it? I’m looking forward to being held accountable in an entirely different way.

You take a picture on a scale before and after the four-week period. These are not visible to the public unless you want them to be. DietBet then makes its money by taking a percentage of the total pot before releasing the winnings to the participants that managed to lose at least 4 percent of their body weight.

I can’t weight! (Ha, ha get it?)

The January FitFluential DietBet starts in three days and runs Jan. 21 to Feb. 17. Want in? Click on over here. Good luck!