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raja hot yoga

3 miles (28:20, 9:26 pace)

My 3 mile training run went pretty awesome today. I don’t know if it’s the weather or the new training schedule but my times are getting back to what they used to be and I love it.
Yesterday I checked out a hot yoga class for the first time at Raja Hot Yoga in Clarksville.20130918_115448Now, I’ve said it in the past time and time again but yoga is kind of mind-numbingly boring to the runner in me. Up, down, stretch, turn, repeat. Over and over. I usually find myself counting down the minutes until I can get out of the class and do something that’s “really” active.
This was kind of different.
When I walked in with a friend we were quickly greeted by the instructor. She made us feel welcome, ran us through what we’d need to do to get checked in and took our payment.
With mats, water bottles and towels in hand we made our way into the hot room.20130918_115327No cell phones or cameras were allowed so I don’t have any pictures inside.
I’m not going to lie the entire time I was still counting down until the class was over.
It was crazy hot. Like 106 degrees hot. Like Oh My God It’s So F***ing Hot in Here hot. That’s pretty much what kept running through my head the entire time but it did make the class go faster. After an hour of stretching and posing we layed down to end the session, closed our eyes and an icy cold, lemon-scented towel was placed on our wrists.
It was incredibly relaxing. I felt great afterwards like I always do after yoga but OhEmGee was it hot.

Raja Hot Yoga is located at 2269 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard in Clarksville. Classes are $7 suggested donation.

new season, new beginnings

20 situps
20 air squats
20 slam balls
10 minute cap, burpees until finish (5 completed)

2 mile run (20:34, 10:17 pace)

3.1 mile team run/walk (about 45 minutes)


Since moving to Fort Campbell I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon. Shocker.
I’d like to reason and say my diet hasn’t been too awful and to be fair it was worse pre-“lifestyle change”. You know, back when I drank Diet Coke like it was going out of style and survived on sodium-heavy Lean Cuisines and 100-calorie packs of Oreos. Back when CrossFit wasn’t even a thing and I couldn’t run a mile without stopping. You know, those days.
Let’s be clear. I never want to be back there and I’m disappointed in myself.
My pants are tighter.
The scale doesn’t lie.
It’s time to fix this now.
Fifteen pounds gained since my wedding day. Nine of which were gained in the past four months here at Campbell.
Being the foodies we are, J and I have sampled a lot of the “local” cuisine. I say that loosely given that most of the local cuisine here is for some reason ethnic food. No complaints on my part but that’s strange, right? Never seen so many Korean restaurants in my life outside of 33rd Street in Manhattan.
Anyway, a little basmati at the MOST. AMAZING. Indian restaurant ever, strawberry cupcakes from a local bakery that taste like God-sent ice cream and sushi rice. Lots and lots of it. Occasionally deep fried. Gah.
In between all of that we’ve stll been eating clean at home but the eating free for all while out has to end now. Back to almond meal, no processed food and out with the grains because IT’S GOOD FOR ME DAMN IT!
I need more 80/20 and less 50/50. 50/50 makes you not fit in your pants and that’s no fun for anyone.
So, the plan?
Wednesday’s cool morning run (spoiler: I started half mary training again) sparked the beginning of a new beginning.
It starts again now.
Nothing keeps me on track like a training plan and a new goal to work toward so I’ve officially started training for the Nashville Half Marathon on Nov. 9.
halfmaryI’ve already been running three times a week for a few months now so the training shouldn’t be too awful. Famous last words? I’ll let you know how I feel after that first double digit miler.
I’ve cut the crap out of the fridge and I’m down five pounds this week. I’d say that’s progress.

Any encouraging words of advice? What do you do when you slip? Are you training for any fall races? Tell me about them in the comments.

first greenway run


4 mile run (44:01, 11:00 pace)greenway2This morning I met up with some ladies from run club for a four-miler at The Clarksville Greenway. The 4.6 mile paved trail runs along/over abandoned railroad tracks. It runs from Mary Oaks Drive to the Water Treatment Plant. We followed it to the left for a flat, easy run.
It started drizzling after the turnaround but we barely felt the rain because of the gorgeous tree canopy.
It’s almost like the rain waited just long enough for us to get to the parking lot and then all bets were off.
See you next time, Greenway. I’ll be back.