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boulder: my future home

Maybe it’s the nostalgia I feel for Gainesville. The college town, hipster scene and plethora of farm-to-table, local restaurants is something I miss fiercely almost every day.
I love me some Indian food, but there are only a certain number of times a month I can go to the same restaurant just to taste something, anything, in my food.
Last month I went to Denver for a health journalism conference. J tagged along because his unit had block leave, but he spent most of the trip in a hotel room.
When we landed Wednesday, the first thing I wanted to do was go back to Snooze. I’d been there in the fall for Fit Social and craved some apple cinnamon pancake deliciousness. snoozeSo we went there and explored Pearl Street a little before heading back to Denver to check in at the host hotel.
The conference was great. Full of ideas for future stories, great networking and best of all it was free. I received a fellowship that covered registration, travel and lodging. I wouldn’t have been there without it.
J slept in so I went exploring with other journalists. I didn’t get much sleep, drank a lot of Starbucks (shocker) but it was worth it to spend my mornings here: boulder I also fit in CrossFit at LoDo, a local box and a run at the rooftop gym. Plus Rocky Mountain oysters (hint they’re not oysters), Voodoo Donuts and a visit to Denver’s first brewery.crossfit voodoo2 wynkoopBoulder was beautiful and I could definitely see living there  in the post-Army future. I know it’s only been a year, but it seems like that future is forever away. I’m a planner and that part has been rough. What to plan when plans keep changing?

Do you have plans for a post-military future? Where do you see yourself living in 4, 8 or 12 years?

how to: eat clean while traveling

5 miles (54:54, 10:58 pace)



This is my last post about Fit Social but I promise it’s a good one.20130929_182351.2Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t come easy to me. Just like everyone else I have days where I really, really, really want that pizza/cupcake/pasta/etc. Most of the time I abstain. Some of the time I give in. It’s that balance that keeps me grounded.

While away for the weekend I didn’t get to do much outside of the hotels, but being away from my “normal” (eggs/protein, lunch salad, two paleo snacks and a dinner of protein and veg) was difficult.

It’s almost easy to stay on track when everything stays the same, but what do you do when life is full of surprises? Where and what do you eat on the go?

Not going to lie. I ate a lot of salads.20130927_195642Appetizer salad at Friday night’s hotel dinner. I tried jicama for the first time. Not bad. 20130928_131855
Black and bleu salad at Cedar Creek Pub on Saturday.rootdownRoasted beets, arugula, goat cheese toasted hazelnuts, beet-sunflower seed pesto and basil vinaigrette at Root Down DIA on Sunday. BEST AIRPORT FOOD EVER.

But they were some pretty fantastic salads. That’s usually my go-to lunch staple with a vinegar-based dressing on the side. Boring to some but it’s what you make of it. Nourishing your body makes it happy.

1. Eat local.
One of my favorite things about traveling is getting to check out the local eats. We stopped at a cute brunch spot in Boulder called Snooze Saturday morning. 20130928_082759I swapped out the toast and hashbrowns for fruit and added a bunch of veg to the omelet.20130928_075950The local places tend to have less grease and healthier selections. Plus the food is 10x better than anything you’re going to get at your local Fridays.

2. Stick to what you know.
I’m the first to try something new on vacation but to an extent. I’ll try the deep-fried frog legs, garlic butter-laden escargot and lavender lemonade while away from home but there’s a difference between trying and indulging. No one needs an entire plate of deep-fried anything.
Even when traveling I still try and stick with my general pattern of eating. Breakfast is still coffee (got to have one vice, no?), eggs and protein or fruit and yogurt. Lunch is a salad or protein and veg. Dinner is the same. Two snacks (AM before lunch and PM before dinner) or I’m a crazy biotch. Always. 20130928_065149My roomie, Courtenay, may have rivaled my Starbucks addiction. A total enabler.

While protein and veg might seem boring for two out of three meals there are limitless possibilities. Not every one of my meals is salmon and asparagus (although that is a weekly staple at home).20130928_183931I cheated with a smidge of risotto because everyone raved about it but I filled half my plate with grilled veggies and those were 10x better.

3. Be prepared.
So there’s nowhere to get eggs in the morning? Coffeemaker is jacked up? All they’re serving for dinner is rock-hard fishy chicken? Have a backup plan.
Friday morning I figured I could stop in the BNA Starbucks and get oatmeal for breakfast before my flight but no luck there. No hot food at that Starbucks? I was bummed but not defeated because I came prepared with a LUNA bar. Super delicious. Not a liquid. Totally airport-safe.20130927_054532
How do you keep it clean while traveling? What are your favorite tips, tricks or brands to keep up your lifestyle while on the go? I’d love to hear them!

fitness and health social media conference: the learnin’

2 mile speed work (9:21, 8:57)
Tabata WOD

So aside from these crazy awesome views…
mountainssunsetA $70 million health and wellness center to explore.
cu1And the pine trees!
pineAs well as the variety of workouts offered at FitSocial this weekend there was an equal variety of educational sessions about fitness, health and social media.
My hands-down favorite of them all was Social Media in the Fitness World with Chris Freytag. Surprise.
Chris talked about what she called the Social Media Commandments.
Be authentic. Be mindful about what you do. Create useful content. Be responsive. Be grateful.

When writing, she also suggested bloggers go through the following checklist:
Are your posts the right length?
Is your blog formatted correctly?
Are you incorporating SEO best practices into your strategy?
Are you making the most of your blogging platform?
Do you have a content strategy?
Are you tracking the performance of your blog?

While I try to be authentic, mindful, useful, responsive and especially grateful on the regular, some of the checklist points get me.
I’m still working on my formatting, tracking performance and content strategy. My goals for the rest of the year are to work on those three things. I installed Google Analytics to see how you crazy peeps are finding me and I’ve put together a loose editorial calendar (content strategy) to keep me more accountable in posting regularly and get you guys more content!
I found it super funny and grounding that while talking about maintaining an organized Pinterest board one of my fellow Fort Campbell Army wives popped up on the screen. Apparently Chris has a wide reach that spreads all the way to my new friends in Kentucky.
workshop2Small world, huh? I thought so.

Dr. Denise McGuire also talked to us about Successful Health Behavior Change.
workshop1She explained that:
Successful changers (in our case those that change to lose weight and/or maintain a healthy lifestyle) generally focus on success, are persistent, know and practice change all the time, change their beliefs about themselves and are willing to look at underlying issues. Only 20 percent of the overweight or obese population is ready to make a change.

Twenty percent! I see that every day in the military community. So many people want the quick fix but aren’t willing to put in the work to get the job done right.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about taking the steps I need to take to become a certified personal trainer to remedy this. I want more people to think, no, BELIEVE that change is attainable.
Speaking with ACE on Saturday further encouraged me to pursue that goal using MyCAA, a workforce development program that provides up to $4,000 of financial assistance to eligible military spouses. Unfortunately for me, MyCAA requests will not be approved until this whole government shutdown thing blows over (couldn’t happen soon enough) so I’m kind of at a standstill with that business. Poop.

On the bright side, I also met some new “IRL” blogger friends at the conference.

My roomie Courtenay.pound5And Kelly at No Thanks to Cake.nothankstocakeI had a great time.
But next…the food.
Check back Friday for Clean Eats in CO.

What tips do you have for maintaining a healthy lifestyle? What changes have you made?
Also, is this government shutdown affecting your lives?