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this is the one where i explain where i’ve been

Or so it’s supposed to be. As it usually does, life got in the way of blogging. Work/life balance and then a PCS? It happens. In lieu of an apology how about an update? 

Since March, we’ve been told we’re never leaving Fort Campbell, given three weeks to pack to leave Fort Campbell, PCSed to Florida and then my husband was put on hold for two months while the Army figures out where their paperwork went. Despite being back “home” in the Sunshine State, we’re still 10 hours away from South Florida so life is CrossFit, marathon training and make-at-home coffee (because budgeting for the future nursing home and no longer DINKs). 

It’s not a bad place to be but I’m bored. I keep telling myself it could be worse but I miss my friends, coworkers, running buddies and CrossFit Dunbar Cave Lab. No longer living on post makes it harder to meet people.

  I’ve found a new box, but it’s not the same. I’ve made a few acquaintances but it’s not the same. Now I’m crying in Starbucks (see: why I’ve been avoiding my blog).


On the horizon is the Army Ten Miler, NYC Marathon and a Fort Campbell family reunion (minus one important piece) at RNR Vegas so fall should be lots of fun. At least that’s what I keep telling myself after runs so humid I can wring the sweat out of my shirt and it looks like I went swimming.

What are you looking forward to this fall? Any tips for making friends when you don’t live on post?

fort campbell adventures: freeze pleeze icecream parlor

Dairy and I haven’t had such a good relationship since I finished my Whole 30 last week. My beloved Starbucks skinny vanilla latte has started to cause backflips in my stomach. So when I heard a new icecream shop opened in Clarksville, I wasn’t all that excited until I found out they had coconut milk! What? Yes. First we got a Whole Foods style grocery store called Tree of Life, then a grain-free, soy-free, dairy-free bakery called Nerdy Birdy Cookie Company and now an icecream shop that has not only coconut milk but almond as well? Yes, please Clarksville. You’re growing on me.

I’d heard great things so a friend and I went to check it out Sunday and were not disappointed. Look at this happy, friendly staff.
FreezePleeze2Freeze Pleeze makes everything from scratch. You choose a dairy, coconut or almond base, then sweetener and flavoring. You can choose from suggestions like rose pistachio or Rocky Road or stick to vanilla or plain fruit. They freeze it with liquid nitrogen as you watch. This is the magic happening:
Freeze Pleeze Clarksville, TNMy friend got Rocky Road and gave it a thumbs up.
Freeze Pleeze Clarksville, TNAnd I got vanilla coconut milk with pineapple.
Freeze Pleeze Clarksville, TNHighly recommend.

Freeze Pleeze is located in the Two Rivers Shopping Plaza in between Hooters and Bargain Hunt/Harbor Freight. Check them out Tuesday or Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Fridays from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Saturdays from Noon to 11 p.m. and Sundays from Noon to 8 p.m. at 700 N. Riverside Drive, Clarksville.

how i got a 20 minute pr

halfmaryI’m coming off a really good running month and I’m not really sure how I feel about it.
I’m excited, proud and amazed at what my body was able to do but also anxious about whether I’ll be able to maintain that momentum and tired. Always tired.
I did take enough time off between the Nashville Half Marathon and I’m now OK to run more again (lots of RICE-rest, ice, compression, elevation). Even with all that pride about what I’ve done and pent-up worry about being “good enough” I still have hopes that I’ll get faster. I mean, I know I have to right? Practice makes perfect.
I got a few questions on Facebook about my awesome (and I can totally say that because 20 minutes is definitely AWESOME) PR at my last half. I crushed my previous PR from January of 2:28 with a 2:08 at the Nashville Half Marathon. That’s 20 freaking minutes!
I’ve had CrossFit coaches try and tell me it’s due to increasing my functional fitness. I did focus on adding a day or two of CrossFit in as my cross-training per the Hal Higdon half training plan but I don’t think I did enough to cause such a substantial decrease in my average run time. If I had to credit it to anything I’d say it had to be track workouts.
Running more didn’t hurt but I’ve always followed a plan for half marathons so it’s definitely got to be the speed work.
During the eight weeks I trained for this last half I followed a plan that incorporated speed work once a week. This was crucial.
I’d do mile repeats on the track for 2-3 miles. It’s where I saw my best mile times ever and I think knowing that I was able to get consistent sub-9 miles on a track made it a little easier to stay at a consistent sub 10 during a long run. It hurt a little, yeah, but it was possible.
Last week I also PRed my 5K time at the Hopkinsville Turkey Trot with a 26:46!
I credit that to speed workouts too.  So yeah, how in the world did I get a 20 minute PR on my half time? Mile repeats. Do them. They’re not fun and they may hurt, but they sure are effective.

What tricks do you have for speed?