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i’m in!

nyc marathon I can’t say there’s a better sight than this acceptance confirmation right now. After four lottery attempts and more years of running I’m finally going to run the NYC Marathon this year. I’m still in shock, caught somewhere between excitement, fear and OhEmGee what in the world (WTF) did I just do? Is anyone else in? I think this is just the push I need to get back to more running and posting about it. I always do better with a plan. Speaking of plans, this is the one I’ve made up for the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon. NashvilleCountryMusicHalf2015 I’m running it this year as a RockNBlog Ambassador. Last year was my first, and until this point, my only RocknRoll race. I had so much fun and I can’t imagine this year will be any different. Also on the horizon is RocknRoll Vegas (what!) in November and maybe St. Louis or Chicago. Woohoo! So excited for a full 2015. So are you doing NYC this year? How about any RocknRoll races? Do you have any tips for me for my first full? Tell me in the comments. Oh, and I almost forgot a special treat. You can save $15 off any half or full RocknRoll race in 2015 using CUPCAKECARDIO in the promo code field. Valid on half or full distance only. Not valid for races in pre-sale pricing. Happy running! rnrpromocode

How to Bribe Yourself Fit

WOD: 3 mile run (29:56, 9:58 pace)

I was so determined to come in under 30 minutes for 3 miles today that I kept bumping up the speed toward the end of each mile. I’m happy to say I beat that goal by four whole seconds. That’s something I’ve done a few times out on the pavement but never come close to doing on a treadmill.

Since I’ve been pushing myself outside the treadmill felt 10x easier than usual. I love me some outside running but it was nice to get a little TV time to keep me going.

First mile 10:42

Second mile 9:53

Third mile 9:21

Yep. I’m all kinds of awesome.

We cut cable to save some money since I’m never home to watch TV anyway. All my favorite shows are either on local channels (Once Upon a Time on ABC, Biggest Loser on NBC, crime shows on Cloo) or quick to show up on free Hulu or for download (The Walking Dead, Mad Men). This saves us about $80 on a service we barely used to begin with.

But anyway, my point is that this might even provide an extra incentive to go to the gym for some.

It definitely did for me when I lived in NYC for a summer. No cable=no Law and Order, NCIS or Bones in the one-bedroom apartment I shared with three other girls.

Awesome location across the street from Macy’s. Ridiculous rent, no cable and crazy tourists at all hours of the day.

That meant after a full-day at my internship I’d haul my stuff over to the closest New York Health and Racquet Club, jump on a treadmill or elliptical and watch all the murder mysteries I could handle. That was the only time I could watch TV so I made sure I was there every night like clockwork.

In front of World of Coke, obviously, my life support at the time. I’ve now been Diet Coke-free for four whole months!

In Atlanta, I had the same incentive except I went to LA Fitness (combined with the fact that my shower barely fit a full-sized human so I enjoyed showering at the gym more).

This trick helped me focus on my training. I trained for a 10K while in NYC and for the Disney Wine and Dine half while in Atlanta. I’ve tried bribing myself with cupcakes or fro-yo but it doesn’t seem to have the same effect.

Do you ever bribe yourself to go to the gym? What’s your stance on diet soda?