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nyc marathon packing list

It’s almost here! After more than three months of training I can’t believe I’m headed to NYC for the race of my life. I usually put stuff to the side throughout the week so that I don’t forget it and pack basics from a list the day of or night before a trip. We’re leaving in three-ish hours or so and I’m just getting started but luckily my go-to strategy means packing everything I need only takes me about 20 minutes.

I usually go through and layout all the outfits that I’ll need so that I don’t under or overpack. Both can be bad.

For NYC, I’ll need something to sleep in tonight and tomorrow night, something to wear during the day tomorrow, my race clothes and comfy clothes to wear post-marathon. I’ve found it saves space to have your clothes do double duty so I’ll sleep in the next morning’s (clean) gym clothes and wear a sundress for sightseeing because I can keep it on for that night’s dinner.
NYC Marathon Packing ListOnce we get to NYC I’ll stop at a grocery store and pick up a couple of bananas, and I’ll go to a Goodwill to get throwaway clothes for the start to avoid taking up space in my bag. I like a really big puffy jacket when I can find it (because Floridian) and that pretty much takes up my whole suitcase if I were to pack it.

There you have it!

Ah. Now to put all these things in my bag. (Pro tip: roll your clothes). Two sleeps until race day!

Anything I’m forgetting? Last-minute packing tips for me before we head out?

what to pack for a blog conference

I’m so incredibly excited to be on my way to Colorado for FitSocial 2013.
I’ve been looking forward to this conference for months and the day is finally HERE!
I’m packed and ready to head out the door but I thought I’d share some tips on what you should take to a blogging conference. Whether it’s fitness, food or social media related, these things should ensure you’re prepared to learn and ready to soak it all in.FITSOCIALPACK


Besides your clothing and toiletries you’re going to want to pack some conference specific items. Here are some of the things you might forget.

1. THE RIGHT CLOTHES, INCLUDING A “FANCY” OUTFIT OR TWO Since I’m heading to a fitness-oriented conference my wardrobe choices are going to be pretty casual, mostly workout clothes. I will however, be bringing a few outfits to change into while hopefully exploring Boulder and Denver and a fancy-ish outfit for Friday night’s dinner.

2. BUSINESS CARDS If I had to pick one essential item to make sure you do not leave your home without that would be your business cards, folks. Don’t have any? Make some. Running low? Make some more. You’ll be meeting a ton of new people, both bloggers and potential sponsors, so you’ll want to have a way to get them your contact information quickly and professionally. Also, bring something to keep all the cards you’ll be receiving safe. I like a hole punch and a binder clip because they take up less space that way but you can use a designated business card holder or a small bag.

3. ELECTRONIC DEVICES (LAPTOP/IPAD/TABLET) I don’t plan on live-blogging this conference so I’m leaving the laptop at home because I won’t need the photo-editing software on it. If this is something you plan to do then by all means bring it along. I’m sticking to my iPad because it takes up less space in my bag. I don’t mind waiting to edit and upload pictures on my laptop when I get home.

4. CAMERA AND/OR SMARTPHONE Whether or not you choose to bring a nicer camera (DSLR) to the conference is a toughie. A smartphone is quick, portable and it makes it easy to Instagram and Tweet it up. There will most likely be a professional photographer documenting the day and you will get free reign of all pictures taken to share digitally.
If however, you’d still like your own pictures I’d bring the “good” camera (and I am) just make sure it’s charged. At the last blogging conference I attended I brought the camera and no battery. I’ve also brought the “good” camera without a memory card to other places which brings me to my next point:

5. CHARGERS! PACK THEM. If you think you’ve packed them check again. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve kicked myself for forgetting a charger or battery at home. You’ll want to be especially sure you’ve packed your cellphone charger but making sure you’ve packed ALL THE CHARGERS should have you covered.

6. POWER STRIP FOR YOUR HOTEL ROOM OR CONFERENCE ROOMS Self-explanatory. Most outlets will have two spaces for charging but you’ll need to guard those outlets with your life or share. A power strip makes it easier to share and make a new friend in the process!

Breakfast may be covered at the hotel and lunch and dinner will usually be covered by the conference but what will hold you over if you don’t like what’s on the plate? Snacks. I keep it clean with almonds, Larabars, paleo coconut balls that sort of thing because no one like a hungry Margarita. I get pretty mean. You can ask J about that one.

Conferences tend to have a lot of sponsors and sponsors like to give you freebies to test out. Better to have an extra bag that isn’t needed than too much good stuff to pack into your suitcase on the way home. I like my Vera Bradley large duffel because it rolls up and doesn’t take up too much room.

Anything I’m forgetting? What are your must have conference items? I’m off to make my plane. I <3 Southwest.