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down with the pounds

scaleTwo weeks ago I weighed in with coworkers for a local, annual weight loss competition. The goal: Lose at least 3 percent of my body weight in six weeks. Totally doable, right?
Last month’s goal was to maintain my weight through a month of yummy holiday treats and baked good temptations. I managed to stay within five pounds of starting weight and that’s OK with me. During the holidays you’ve got to take what you can get.
Since weighing in on Jan. 19 I’ve lost five pounds putting me at goal for the competition. I’m eligible for a door prize which is great because to win this thing I’d need to lose weight to the point of nonexistence. Not going to happen and that’s OK.
I’m realistic. I didn’t sign up with plans to win in the first place. I don’t have that much to lose. Instead, I’m just in it for the 10 free fitness classes.
My problem with weight loss I’m sure is a problem for a lot of people. I’m pretty “good” during the week and then weekends are a free-for-all on every delicious temptation that comes in sight. Seriously. I had a pulled pork and mac-and-cheese stuffed panini in Lexington this weekend. Who puts that deliciously evil combo together? Really, now.
Instead of beating myself up for it I need to realize that weekend free-for-alls are my downfall and fix the problem. Recognizing that is the first step. We all have similar obstacles in our way– bread basket at dinner, running out of time to pack lunch and hitting a drive thru instead, getting home late and not having anything thawed for dinner. All of these things suck but they’re easily remedied excuses. All it takes is a little bit of planning.
For the next four weeks of this local biggest loser competition I really just want to focus on routine. It’s possible to stay on track and even lose weight while away from home/on vacation. See here. But it’s SO much easier when you stick to a routine. Meal plan, eat at home and even plan workouts. It really makes all the difference.

What are your tried and true weight loss/maintenance strategies?

trot for the troops 10k recap

Official chip time: 59:55
CardioTrainer distance: 6.27 miles

Instead of doing my long run at the Greenway on Saturday I decided to do it at the YMCA in Hopkinsville with 1,000 friends. Just kidding. I ran the 10K alone because J doesn’t believe in paying to run but I made him he volunteered to be my photographer for the day.IMG_1368

Mile 1 9:32
Mile 2 9:39
Mile 3 9:10
Mile 4 9:35
Mile 5 9:53
Mile 6 9:40

I’m not winning any awards with those splits but I’m pretty damn proud of them. One of my fastest six mile times yet and a 10K PR!20130914_080538IMG_1372Apparently I run with my eyes closed.
I stopped to tie my shoe at some point and took a few pictures of barns and cornfields. Pretty much the entire course.20130914_085913 20130914_085135I’m not sure what happened around Mile 3. I think I got an extra jolt of energy from seeing the 5Kers make the turnaround. We all went along the same route up until the 1.5 mile mark. IMG_1376IMG_1381 59:21. I still can’t get over that time or the fact that I managed to keep a sub-10 pace for so long. If it wasn’t for Mile 5 (mile of death) I think I would have been able to be at a 58-something instead of barely squeaking by the sub-hour mark but that’s OK with me. A PR is a PR.IMG_1386It was 49 degrees when I woke up in the morning and 52 to 55 at race start. I obviously then had some problems with wardrobe choice being the native Floridian that I am. The jacket came off before I started because I knew it’d be annoying but those pants made my legs sweat after Mile 2 or 3. Still trying to figure out this cold weather running deal.

Any tips? What do you all do to stay warm but not overheat while running in the cold?

Central Florida Escapades

Thrill the World Dance Practice and Record Attempt
10.49 miles (1:50:08, 10:29 pace)

I had the best weekend and can’t wait until the next one because it’s going to be  just as awesome. With the cool “fall” weather we’ve been having I’m loving my long runs.

Saturday I got all zombie-fied for Thrill the World 2012. I tried but I kind of looked like I’d just slept in my makeup after coming home from a Halloween party and I’m angry enough to eat you. True story whenever I go too long between meals.

This is my angry, zombie face.

LA Fitness Spin Instructor Tim Powell got me into Thrill the World. He made a pretty awesome Michael.

I’m pretty proud of the dance moves I was able to teach myself in about two hours. I fumbled a few times and wasn’t even as close to being as good as the girl in the blue shirt/black leather pants in the front row but I’m OK with that. There’s always next year, right?

Went home and washed my face and headed over to Bahama Breeze for dinner. While we waited for a table we stopped in Toys “R” Us. I don’t think I’ve ever been inside of one but J is a little kid at heart and really wanted to check out the Hot Wheels.

Toys “R” Us was awesome. Did you know they still make Furbys?

Sunday was long run time. I came in at an average 10:29 pace after running a little extra because of the beautiful, 70 degree weather.

My 10 mile time came in at exactly 1:45:00…a 10:30 pace exactly. That’s almost a full minute faster than my only half marathon pace (11:23) at the Disney Wine and Dine Half 2011. Progress!

Because coffee makes everything better.

In an attempt at full-disclosure…I did stop halfway through for a coffee break. It made all the difference in the world. At the halfway point I was somewhere at 55 minutes and slowing because my phone lost the Internet connection. No Internet connection=no Pandora=sad Mrs. Cupcake. The second five miles only took me 50. Mmm…caramel macchiatto. So delicious.

After the run, J and I made ourselves presentable and headed over to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival to meetup with some friends. One of the good things about living in Central Florida is that most of the time someone you know works at Disney and can get you free or reduced admission to the parks. Thanks Larry for being awesome! We had a great time sampling a little bit of everything.

The start of a food coma and before J tricked me into going on Mission Space. I think these were lamb chops. Look how happy we are. Lamb makes everyone happy.

J’s college roommate and his beautiful girlfriend.

Group shot. Full, happy bellies.

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to walk a theme park after running 10 miles. I started to have flashbacks of the Wine and Dine 2011 when all I wanted to do was go home and sleep and everyone wanted to keep walking and eating. Good company and good food made up for the sore foot so I can’t say I regret the decision-maybe just the decision to wear flats.

An ice bath made it all better and put a very cold end on my great weekend. Here’s looking forward to the next one. :)